Part-Time and Seasonal Job Resource Guide

Whether you’re looking for a job that offers scheduling flexibility, you’re a student who wants to enter the workforce or you’re in the market for a gig to make some money in the side, a part-time or seasonal job may fit the bill. Whatever your unique situation is, we have you covered with this guide. Inside, you’ll find links that will connect you to all the information, advice and job resources you need to help you land a part-time or seasonal job.


General Part-Time and Seasonal Job Resources

This section contains links to help you answer some of the questions you have about seasonal or part-time employment in relation to topics, such as taxes or benefits.

Is it Good or Bad to Work Part-time? – The Committee for Economic Development of The Conference Board (CED) delivers this well-researched, analytical piece that examines the pros and cons of part-time work in the U.S. economy.

Three Things Seasonal Employees Should Know About Taxes – This helpful article, posted by Tax Slayer, details what seasonal employees need to know about their seasonal income and taxes.

10 Companies That Offer Part-Time Workers Amazing Benefits – If you’re looking for a part-time employer that offers benefits, check out this list.

National Retail Federation Forecast – Go here for the current year’s statistics regarding the National Retail Federation’s forecasts for holiday sales and seasonal employment needs.


Resume Tips for Part-Time and Seasonal Workers

Before you begin your part-time or seasonal job search, you need a well-written resume. Check out the following links for plenty of pro tips and advice on how to create a resume that will get you the interviews you want.

Should You Include a Short-Term Job on Your Resume?  – Alison Green, author of the well-known Ask a Manager blog, offers her pro opinion on when and how to include short-term jobs on your resumes.

Resume Writing Tips with Barbara Safani – Safani, owner of CareerSolvers, offers a wealth of resume tips. The ones that will appeal most to part-time and seasonal job seekers are how to include seasonal work on your resume and how to list accomplishments for these type of jobs.

NACME Resume Tips – This link from the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering offers information about how to neatly incorporate seasonal jobs on a resume or how to chunk various part-time or temporary jobs.

Resumes for Undergraduates – Undergraduates seeking summer or part-time jobs will benefit from this guide that teaches how to write an effective resume that can help land the job.

7 Summer Job Skills to List on Your Resume – This article effectively teaches you how to turn your part-time job skills into winning information on your resume.

Fitting Your Part-Time Job into a Professional Resume – No matter what your part-time job experience has been, you can find helpful information on incorporating it into your resume here. Find information for part-time jobs such as those in retail, restaurant, childcare, administrative or work-study fields.


More Tips for Part-Time and Seasonal Workers

Depending on where you live, the competition for seasonal or part-time jobs can be fierce. Visit the following links for helpful tips in finding and applying for jobs and acing interviews.

BBB Tip: Considering Seasonal Employment? – Find out what hidden dangers or pitfalls may be lurking within seasonal job advertisements to help you avoid scams.

5 Tips for Seasonal and Temporary Employment – This list offers helpful tips regarding your resume, where to find seasonal and temporary jobs and interview tips.

Interviewing Skills for Camp Professionals – While this piece is written for professionals hiring camp workers, it also provides valuable insight for job seekers who are interested in interviewing for these types of part-time or seasonal jobs.

Ten Tips for Finding Seasonal Jobs at Holiday Time – A helpful resource to find suggestions for holiday and part-time employment possibilities as well as places to look for jobs.

Guide to Finding a Part-Time or Seasonal Job – This guide from Bowling Green State University is geared for the college student or anyone who has limited experience with the job market. It offers plenty of helpful tips to aid young people in finding a part-time or seasonal job.

Helpful Hints for Landing that Seasonal Job – This article from Michigan University State Extension offers information on the traits employers seek in a seasonal employee.


Find Part-Time and Seasonal Jobs

Check out these job boards to find the part-time or seasonal job that’s right for you.

Part-time jobs – Search more than 250,000 part-time jobs.

Seasonal jobs – In the months before the holidays, check out this site for an extensive list of seasonal job opportunities.  – Don’t let this site fool you with its appearance. While it attracts younger people, it also has opportunities for more mature adults who are looking for meaningful temporary jobs, such as working overseas or in therapeutic camps.

Cool Works: Jobs in Great Places – Find a cool part-time or seasonal job opportunity via this link. No matter if you’re a student or a retiree, you can find exciting jobs in places such as national parks, retreat centers or dude ranches. – Searching for a summer job? Look no further than this repository, which offers plenty of opportunities. – This company offers online tutoring opportunities to college students, teachers, professors and industry pros. Princeton Review has similar opportunities.

Internal Revenue Service – Find seasonal and part-time tax related jobs at the IRS career site. Filter jobs by location, category and type. Find similar opportunities with H&R Block.

Camp Group – Interested in working in a camp setting? CampGroup’s camps rank among the top camps in the United States due to their collaborative nature.

National Parks Service – Find out more about seasonal employment opportunities with the National Parks Service and where to find openings.