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How to Get Your Resume Past an ATS

Did you know that only half of all submitted resumes make it to a real person? Most resumes are eliminated by applicant tracking systems, or ATS, before that point. Learn how to optimize your resume and wow the hiring manager with this guide.

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Retail Job Interview: 6 Soft Skills to Showcase

From communication to bold confidence, retail is a fast-paced world. Learn how to showcase these six crucial yet underestimated skills in order to wow the store manager and get your foot in the door.

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3 Simple Steps to a Stellar Resume Skills Section

Your work history gets all the glory, but your skills are equally as important. They allow you to showcase your universal skills along with your professional successes. These three simple steps help improve your resume and land you in the top 2% of applicants.

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Should You Put Hobbies on a Resume? Probably Not

It is important to have a healthy work-life balance. And yes, your stamp collection is highly curated, but it might not translate to your career. Learn which hobbies you can feature on your resume, and which are best kept as an ice-breaker at the company picnic.

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How to Answer ‘Why Should We Hire You?’

You are qualified. You are passionate. You are available. But this means nothing if you ca not answer this common interview question: “Why should we hire you?” Our simple advice helps you navigate the question and reframe it to highlight your qualifications.

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How to Answer ‘Why Do You Want to be a Manager?’

Ready to make the transition from team member to team leader? If you are applying to a manager role, you need to have proof that you can guide a team or department into a new level of success. Learn what qualities to showcase to land this opportunity.

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How to Answer ‘What Did You Like Least About Your Job?’

This question is a dangerous pitfall. How do you answer it without sounding ungrateful or like a dangerous investment for the job role? Our advice helps you phrase your answer so that you can wow the hiring manager and get the job offer.

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3 Steps to a Great Video Interview

If you live across the country, a video interview is a great way to introduce yourself and make a lasting impression. Learn how to escape these last-minute technical difficulties with these 3 easy steps to have a great video interview.

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Experts Reveal Their Best Software Engineer Interview Tips

  You know you’ve got the skills to tackle any software development task they throw at you. You have enough ideas to shake up the technology industry, and the drive…

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Here’s How to Write Your Resume Work Experience Section

If you’ve been blindsided by a layoff, a terminated contract, or a furlough because of the government shutdown, you may already be on the hunt for a new job. Even…

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Don’t Put References on a Resume – Do This Instead

By Melissa Ricker   Are you applying for a job and think that listing references on your resume will help you land the position? Think again. Unless specifically requested, references…

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How to List Education on Your Resume

  Writing a resume seems pretty straightforward – you just list all of your credentials, experience and education, and a prospective employer will see that you’re a great fit for…

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Financial Analyst Job Interview: 4 Things You Need to Know

  All job interviews require preparation. If the position you are pursuing requires analyzing data and researching historical trends, then a successful financial analyst job interview means your job begins…

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5 Career Change Interview Strategies

So you’re getting back on your feet after being affected by the government shutdown, and you’ve pinpointed a position in a new industry that looks like a perfect fit. You…

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Preparing for a Job Interview: Company Research

  After receiving an invitation for an interview, you begin to realize the journey of finding your dream job my almost be at an end. But don’t get ahead of…

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How to Choose Your Interview Outfit

  The skills, experience and knowledge showcased on a resume may get you in the door, but how you present yourself has a lot to do with whether you get…

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Introvert Job Interview: 5 Way to make it Painless

  Walking into a job interview with sweaty palms and a nervous stomach can often be terrifying, but throw being an introvert into the mix and it could be disaster….

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How to Describe Yourself at a Job Interview

  You walk into the interview room and sit down in the chair opposite the desk. The interviewer looks you in the eye and asks you a single question. “How…

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5 Career Change Resume Tips to Get You an Interview

  If your career was put on hold by the recent government shutdown, there’s a good chance your old resume will soon need revamping. An update to your employment timeline…

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The Internal Interview: Advantages and Pitfalls

  You just hit the submit button to apply for an internal position at your company. You feel good about it and are ready for a change. That is great!…

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Multiple Job Interviews? Here’s How to Avoid Fatigue

  The drive to capture a new job can prove powerful. Yet, over time, your enthusiasm and perseverance can suffer — especially in the face of multiple interviews. Whether you’re…

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How to Answer ‘How do you Approach a Problem?’

  What was the biggest problem you have faced professionally, and how exactly did you approach that problem? This type of behavioral interview question may seem daunting during, but it…

aliper holding a bearing on a technical drawing

How to Interview for an Engineering Job

By Melissa Ricker   What would you do if while sitting in an interview, the hiring manager tosses you a random rusty part from an old pump he kept on…

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4 Tips for Building Rapport With Your Interviewer

  To understand how to build rapport, you have to know what it is based upon. Will Baron, host of the Salesman Podcast says, “Rapport is a branch of trust….

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4 Tips for How to Answer Negative Interview Questions

  Everyone goes into a job interview hoping to show off his or her best skills and qualities. This is easiest when the hiring manager asks positive questions, such as…

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Interview Body Language: What You Don’t Say Matters Too

  We all know how important it is to say the right things during a job interview. We are evaluated by the way we speak and the words we choose….

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Interviewing With a Competitor Company? Here’s What You Need to Know

  Making the decision to try for a new job is difficult in itself. Yet, when you decide to accept an interview with one of your current company’s competitors, you…