PR Assistant Job Description

PR assistantssupport and help develop and implement competitive PRcampaigns. They’re collaborative, creative individuals with a mind for analysis as well as strategy. The PR assistant’s primary goal is to help execute events and campaigns that make a client’s organization or product appealing to the public. This often entails creating various materials, such as brochures, press kits, social media content, and more, so it’s importing to have a discerning, critical eye. Because they work directly with clients, the public, and the media, a PR assistant also needs an even temper and an outgoing personality. This entry-level position reports to the PR manager and can be full- or part-time. Long hours are often required.


PR Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

PR assistants generally fulfill the following responsibilities:

Conduct Market Research

PR assistants use a variety of methods to research trends and competition in a client’s field. This often includes market, industry, and competitor research, news analysis, and investigating the public’s perception of a client or its products through all manner of media, including newspapers, magazines, social media, and other digital platforms, such as YouTube.

Brainstorming and Strategizing

After completing all the necessary research, the PR assistant helps evaluate the data. From there, they brainstorm ways to use this information to best promote a client’s organization or product. It’s important to keep the client’s budget and specific needs in mind during this process.

Create Promotional Materials

Once it’s determined which media materials are needed to build out a campaign, the PR assistant supports the creation process. This can include writing press releases, compiling brochures, designing posters, preparing presentations, creating social media blasts, and organizing mass mail materials.

Organizing and Executing PR Events

PR assistants also provide administrative support for PR events, which helps everything run smoothly. This can include selecting venues, writing press releases and kits, managing marketing efforts, and organizing a schedule. Some travel to and from events is often required.

Administrative Tasks

The PR assistant handles many clerical duties, including answering phones, responding to inquiries from the media and public, and keeping track of promotional materials. They also maintain a schedule to help their team stay organized and meet quick deadlines. Multitasking skills are important to meet all these administrative responsibilities.


PR Assistant Skills and Qualifications

A PR assistant should have a strong work ethic in addition to the following skills:

  • Communication skills-PR assistants are outgoing and able to clearly communicate ideas to clients, coworkers, and the public
  • Leadership skills-as part of a collaborative team, PR assistants need an ability to motivate and lead others to accomplish an end goal
  • Tech savvy-social media platforms, graphic design software, and photo editing applications are important industry tools, and PR assistants must understand how to use them to create and monitor strong PR campaigns
  • Interpersonal skills-a client-first attitude helps foster healthy business relationships
  • Time management-this job tends to be fast-paced, but time management strategies help PR assistants keep themselves and their team on schedule


Tools of the Trade

PR assistants use the following tools to complete their daily job duties:

  • Microsoft Office (for word processing and creating spreadsheets)
  • Graphic editing tools (such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign)
  • Cameras (including DSLRs and even smartphones)
  • Content management systems (such as WordPress, used to publish articles and photos)


PR Assistant Education and Training

Because this is an assistant position, companies usually hire at the entry level and provide any necessary training through an internship. A bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, communications, business, or English is usually preferred.


PR Assistant Salary and Outlook

PR assistants can expect to earn an annual salary around $36,500, according to Payscale, though experienced workers can earn much higher salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the industry will grow at a rate of about 9 percent through 2026, which is about average.It’s expected that the job market will becoming increasingly competitive, especially for positions with larger organizations.


Helpful Resources

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