Patient Care Tech Cover Letter

Patient Care Techs assist patients with basic needs and collaborate with medical professionals to ensure a high standard of patient care. Essential responsibilities of a Patient Care Tech are helping patients with daily hygiene and using the restroom, maintaining patient rooms clean, monitoring patient vitals, collecting specimens for testing, performing basic nursing duties such as changing bandages, answering to patient inquiries, drawing blood, and reporting patient condition.

Most Patient Care Tech cover letter samples focus on the following skills and qualifications:

  • Medical teamwork
  • Situational awareness
  • Basic nursing expertise
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Bedside manners and empathy
  • Computer literacy
  • Medical recordkeeping
  • Time management

Comparable Patient Care Tech abilities are presented in the example cover letter provided just below.

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Dear Ms. Chaves:

As a skilled professional with key experience providing medical support services to a variety of patients, I am pleased to present the enclosed resume in response to your posting for a Patient Care Tech. With seven years of experience helping cross-functional medical teams to facilitate outstanding patient care, I am well positioned to substantially assist your team in meeting—and exceeding—its healthcare goals.

From monitoring vital signs and collecting specimens to administering medications and documenting notes, my experience in supporting RNs and physicians across all facets of patient care has prepared me to excel in this role. Additionally, my credential as a Certified Patient Care Technician has equipped me with the skills and knowledge required to make a strong contribution in this position. Furthermore, I consistently provide a superior level of compassionate patient care while assisting patients with their basic needs and delivering medical instructions and education to patients and caregivers.

Highlights of my experience include the following:

  • Performing a range of diverse medical services for patients, such as dressing wounds, checking blood pressure, charting results, and facilitating various tests.
  • Communicating effectively between physicians, nurses, and laboratory staff to ensure implementation and appropriate modification of patient treatment plans.
  • Educating patients on complex medical concepts by eliminating jargon and using more simple terminology to ensure full understanding.
  • Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to advancing overall patient health and wellbeing, as well as an excellent bedside manner and the ability to thrive under pressure.

With my hands-on experience supporting medical care and treatment for patients with a range of medical conditions and needs, I am confident in my ability to quickly become an asset to your practice. An opportunity to discuss your needs and my qualifications in more detail would be appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Robert C. Watson

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