Lead Teacher Job Description

The primary function of Lead Teachers is to work with parents, administrators and other teachers to improve students’ experience and meet teaching objectives, all while teaching their own classes and mentoring new and inexperienced teachers.

Lead Teachers can work at an elementary school, middle school or secondary (high) school. They may be employed by either a public or private school, and will work almost exclusively in a classroom environment. They may also need to spend their time in an office environment in order to perform work independently.


Lead Teacher Duties and Responsibilities


Special Education Supervisor
2014 - Present

Global Community Charter School

Identifying all process problems and concerns and making appropriate recommendations for corrective actions and resolutions to achieve desirable results.

Designing and implementing educational programs for all students and assisting principals and teachers to develop educational services to support educational programs effectively.

Imparting training and coaching to all teachers and related staff to develop educational policies and programs and performing other administrative operations in an effective and efficient manner.

Utilizing performance metrics to identify performance levels for all staff teachers and making performance improvement plans to achieve desirable results.

To ensure that their fellow teachers are on the same page, that their students are on track for success and that their students’ parents are informed of their children’s educational plans, Lead Teachers perform a variety of tasks. We analyzed several online job postings to identify these core duties and responsibilities.

Observe Classrooms

A major part of a Lead Teacher’s job is helping newer or less experienced teachers solve problems in the classroom. Thus, they must spend time in other teachers’ classrooms during class time in order to identify issues.


After observing the teaching styles and classroom environment of other teachers, they must take what they’ve seen and analyze it to come up with potential solutions. These could include modified teaching techniques, improved communication between the students and teachers and new processes for helping students.

Track Progress

After proposing possible solutions, Lead Teachers must continue to monitor student and teacher progress by tracking the goings-on in every classroom they’ve previously evaluated. This can include looking at grade averages, observing more classes in person or getting feedback directly from students.

Connect with Stakeholders

Thanks to their unique insight into the progress of their department’s classes, Lead Teachers will often act as a liaison, either between administrators and teachers, teachers and parents, students and teachers or any other combination. As liaison, they will be responsible for clarifying objectives and keeping the lines of communication open.

Provide Guidance

Thanks to their experience and practical knowledge, Lead Teachers will often be turned to as a source of guidance, especially by other teachers. They may help those teachers develop lesson plans, select textbooks, coordinate meetings or develop course curriculums.


Lead Teacher Skills

Professional Skills

Strong experience in managing students behavior in a class by determining appropriate services for children through intervention plans and manifestation determinations

Sound knowledge of education laws and regulations, program financial requirements, organizational best practices, and appropriate behavior management

Huge knowledge of course curriculum plans, classroom management techniques and dealing with racial challenges for multiracial students in an effective and efficient manner

Familiarity with state and federal laws and regulations, supervisory practices and procedures, instructional plans and strategies and managing multiple programs and project simultaneously

Successful Lead Teachers are sociable and detail-oriented people who love solving problems. They aren’t afraid to make their opinions clear and correct errors where they see them, but they also know how to communicate those opinions in a friendly and warm way. In addition to these general attributes and personality traits, employers are looking for Lead Teachers with the following skills and qualifications.

Communication skills – Since their work will involve corresponding with students, teachers, administrators and parents in detail, it’s important that Lead Teachers have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Analytical skills – To properly evaluate the performance of other teachers as well as the efficacy of alternate teaching methods, Lead Teachers need to have refined analytical skills.

Problem-solving skills – Since Lead Teachers will often be presented with a variety of difficult situations (sometimes simultaneously), it’s important that they be able to come up with creative and constructive solutions under pressure.


Lead Teacher Salary

The salary of a Lead Teacher is dependent on whether they’re employed by an elementary, middle or high school. Here, we’ll be looking at the salary of elementary school Lead Teachers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers, which includes Lead Teachers, make an average annual salary of $55,800. The lowest paid earn $36,560 or less per year, while the highest paid earn $88,590 or more per year. Lead Teachers in Connecticut, California and Massachusetts enjoy the highest median annual salary in the United States, earning $76,260, $74,130 and $72,980 per year respectively.


Additional Lead Teacher Resources

We compiled the following list of resources to help you keep exploring your career as a Lead Teacher.

Teacher Training and Education With more than 100,000 members, this LinkedIn group is a perfect place for teachers of all kinds to network, share ideas and ask questions.

American Federation of Teachers Designed to serve teachers at all educational levels, the AFT provides its members with discounted insurance, financial services, local chapters, newsletters and more.

Early Childhood Education: Becoming a Professional This book is written by a team of teachers, and is intended to help other teachers learn how to get into the teaching profession and apply best practices in their classrooms.

Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids This popular book can be particularly helpful to Lead Teachers since it explores fresh and proven techniques for overcoming hurdles faced by both students and teachers.


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