Case Manager Supervisor Job Description

The primary role of a case manager supervisor is to provide direct supervision for case managers in social work organizations or clinical healthcare facilities. They typically work for organizations who provide services for people in need, such as children, people with disabilities, recovering addicts, the homeless, the mentally ill, ex-convicts, or immigrants. This position is ideal for those who have a compassionate heart, a mind for critical thinking, and those who are natural leaders. Case manager supervisors typically work normal business hours but may be called in on evening or weekends to help a staff member deal with a crisis situation for a client.


Case Manager Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

A case manager supervisor’s responsibilities will vary depending on the type of agency they work for and what kind of service it provides, but a few core duties are usually associated with this role. Based on current listings, these are the responsibilities most often identified with this position:

Oversee Clinical and Administrative Operations

Case manager supervisors are responsible for overseeing the clinical and non-clinical operations and services provided by their organization. They make sure that clients receive the proper care and service from the case manager they are assigned to.

Manage Case Files

A key part of case management is maintaining client’s records in case files. The case manager is responsible for keeping client files, but the supervisor will review the files, case notes, and logged progress to ensure the client’s case is being tracked properly.

Supervise and Coordinate Services

The case management supervisor will help to coordinate different services that are available and oversee therapies, evaluations, and treatment objectives that are developed by the case manager.

Supervise Delivery of Client Plans

It is the responsibility of the case manager supervisor to oversee case managers as they develop plans for their clients. This can include setting schedules and routines, arranging resource, coordinating services, providing advocacy, evaluating treatments, intervening in crisis, and providing general support.

Hire and Train Case Managers

These supervisors are responsible for hiring staff and checking credentials, license requirements, and certifications.

Supervise Case Managers and Program Staff

The case management staff needs a leader to give them support and monitor their performance, and this is often the responsibility of the case management supervisor. They work to improve team cohesion and staff competence by providing educational resources and helping them to find work-life balance.


Case Manager Supervisor Skills and Qualifications

Compassionate people with a mind for critical thinking and leadership make effective case manager supervisors. Most employers look for candidates with experience as a case manager in the human services, social work, or healthcare fields, as well as the following skills:

  • Team Building and Leadership – Successful case manager supervisors are like coaches, and it’s their responsibility to encourage and inspire their case managers who have challenging, emotionally draining jobs
  • Communication Skills – Working in a supervisory role requires excellent communication skills. Case manager supervisors talk to and listen to their staff daily. They also speak on their client’s behalf as an advocator
  • Interpersonal Skills – Case manager supervisors need to be both empathetic and assertive. It is their job to make sure case managers have all the support and tools they need to help their clients improve their lives, while also enforcing organization policies
  • Adaptability – This role requires individuals to figure out what needs to be done at the same time they are doing it. Effective case manager supervisors allow their knowledgeable staff to work the way they think is best while providing them with the tools to do it
  • Compassion – Case manager supervisors work with people who are in difficult life situations or who are going through transitions and need the ability to be sensitive to clients’ needs in a positive way
  • Problem-Solving Skills – Clients need help finding solutions to difficult problems. Case manager supervisors need to think critically about each case and come up with solutions to solve problems


Case Manager Supervisor Education and Training

While some employers will consider applicants with a bachelor’s degree, most prefer candidates with a master’s degrees in psychology, healthcare, social work, or human services as well as some experience working as a case manager. Depending on the type of agency, a specific clinical license or license in social work is usually required as well as experience with the welfare system, healthcare system, or criminal justice system.


Case Manager Supervisor Salary and Outlook

Case manager supervisors make an average base pay of $49,282 a year according to PayScale, with a range from $36,079 to $84,953. Salary is dependent on location and the amount of experience a candidate has. These positions usually include health benefits and paid time off.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field of social work is expected to grow 16 percent from 2016 to 2062, which is much faster than average. The increase is driven by the growing demand for health and social services.


Helpful Resources

We’ve searched the internet for the most helpful industry resources to help you further explore a career as a case manager supervisor:

Social Work Guide – Here is a comprehensive guide to the paths to start your career in the field of social work. It goes over everything from what a social worker does every day, the different types of social worker careers that are available, and how to start your education to land a job as a case manager supervisor.

National Association of Social Workers (NSWW) Career Center – The NSWW career center is a wonderful resource for exploring a career in social work. It offers resources for students to the seasoned professional.

Social Work Career Development: A Handbook for Job Hunting and Career Planning – This comprehensive book by Carol Nesslein Doelling addresses in detail the aspects of social work functions, fields, and degrees. It includes details on networking, resumes, and selecting education programs.

Case Management: An Introduction to Concepts and Skills – This book by Arthur J. Frankel and Sheldon R. Gelman goes through the process of case management and a large number of roles a case manager fills to help professionals achieve their best. It’s a good resource for exploring what it’s really like to be a case manager supervisor.


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