Store Supervisor Job Description

What is a Store Supervisor?

The primary function of a store supervisor is to oversee a team of staff members within a retail store. They are also responsible for ensuring that financial objectives are met and that all aspects of the store are running smoothly at all times.

Store supervisors can work for any type of retail store, whether they sell clothing, home goods, cookware, electronics, tools, or another type of merchandise. They work exclusively in a retail environment and may also have an office space where they can perform duties such as filing paperwork and working on a computer.


Store Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities


Retail Store Supervisor
2014 - Present

Duluth Trading Company

Identifying customer inquiries and complaints and making appropriate recommendations for corrective solutions to meet their needs and expectations

Planning and executing alternatives to develop cost reduction procedures for minimizing project costs and expenses and preparing sales and inventory reports in an accurate and timely manner.

Executing all store activities and operations with respect to organizational SOP’s and standards and achieving sales target within set timeframes.

Imparting training and guidance to new and existing employees for multiple products and its features and creating improvements in performance levels for all employees within an organization.

In order to keep their staff on track and stay up to date on all of their store’s goings-on, store supervisors perform a variety of tasks. We analyzed several online job postings to identify these core duties and responsibilities.

Oversee Staff

One of the main duties of store supervisors is to oversee all the professional activities of their store’s floor salespeople, cashiers, shelf stockers, and other employees. This can involve advising staff, providing regular performance reviews, training new staff members, and scheduling shifts.

Meet Financial Goals

Another main duty of store supervisors is to do all they can to help their store meet its financial objects. This can include drawing up budgets, analyzing expenditures, evaluating the amount of merchandise delivered versus the amount of merchandise sold, and more.

Maintain Inventory

Store supervisors are responsible for maintaining their store’s inventory. In the back of the store, this means ensuring that deliveries are made on time, that inventory counts are accurate, and always remaining adequately stocked without unnecessary waste.

Maintain Sales Floor

In addition to maintaining their store’s inventory, store supervisors are responsible for maintaining their store’s sales floor. This involves setting up new displays, ensuring that the store is clean and orderly, and making sure shelves are stocked.

Customer Service

As one of the highest-ranking employees at a store, store supervisors regularly help customers, addressing their questions, concerns, and comments. This can include helping customers to find specific items, sorting out complex refunds, resolving complaints, and more.

Record Keeping

To provide informed decisions, store supervisors must keep detailed records, including expenditure reports, sales figures, and employee performance. They will then use those records to help make smarter decisions in the future.


Store Supervisor Skills

Professional Skills

Hands-on experience as a supervisor to perform business and store operations for various products in any mall and building industry.

Deep knowledge of executing supervisory qualities, executing training sessions and implementing building plans and strategies to meet sales objectives appropriately.

Proficient in Microsoft office products, enterprise resource planning programs, POS equipment, and related computer applications.

Familiarity with accounting concepts and arithmetic abilities to perform accurate calculations.

Successful store supervisors are highly organized people who are just as comfortable dealing with customers and motivating staff members as they are analyzing financial data. They have amicable personalities, are easy to talk to, and they are driven by tangible results. In addition to these general personality traits, employers look for store supervisors with the following skills and qualifications;

  • Customer service skills – since they frequently have to have face-to-face interactions with both happy and dissatisfied customers, store supervisors have to be experienced in customer service
  • Attention to detail – because supervising a store and a team of employees involves many different factors, it’s important that store supervisors have excellent attention to detail
  • Financial acumen – store supervisors have to file and analyze a large number of financial documents, thus, they must have the financial skills to create budgets, enter data into spreadsheets, use financial software, and analyze expense reports
  • Communication skills – in order to adequately communicate with both employees and customers, store supervisors must have strong communication skills
  • Management skills – because they are in charge of training, monitoring, and disciplining a team of multiple staff members, store supervisors have to have proven management skills


Store Supervisor Tools of the Trade

In order to accomplish their daily goals, store supervisors use a variety of tools. Store supervisors should be comfortable with the following:

  • Recent versions of Microsoft Office software suite – some of the programs included in Microsoft Office, such as Excel, are valuable tools for store supervisors
  • Financial software – in addition to using traditional financial tools such as spreadsheets, store supervisors are typically required to operate financial software to keep track of expenses and sales
  • Management software – some store supervisors may have to use management software to keep track of employee training, promotions, raises, and disciplinary actions
  • Telecommunications equipment – from phones to portable radios to faxes, store supervisors should know how to use standard telecommunications equipment to communicate with employees and customers


Store Supervisor Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, first-line supervisors of retail sales workers, which includes store supervisors, earn a median annual salary of $39,040. The lowest paid earn $24,530 or less per year, while the highest paid earn $66,480 or less per year. Store supervisors in Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, and Connecticut enjoy the highest median annual salary in the United States, earning $47,290, $46,530, and $45,750 per year respectively.


Store Supervisor Resources

We put together the following list of resources to help you keep exploring your career as a Store Supervisor.

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