Assistant Retail Manager Job Description

Assistant Retail Managers operate as the right-hand of the Store Manager in a retail setting. They function as the Store Manager when the Manager isn’t around and ensure employees still put forth their best work. Any brick-and-mortar store that sells products in a business-to-customer setting employs Assistant Retail Managers. The biggest employers are the fashion and food sales industries. Although their duties do involve some clerical tasks, Assistant Retail Managers do not work in your typical office environment, and their specific work environment depends on the industry. For example, those who work in the fashion industry work in stores within malls, while those who work in the food sales industry work at a supermarket. This job requires one to work nights and weekends.

The role of Assistant Manager is a managerial position. Their direct boss is their Store Manager, but they act as the Store Manager when he or she isn’t on the clock. This involves managing and motivating sales associates to hit their sales goals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for Management Occupations, in general, are set to rise 9 percent through 2026.


Assistant Retail Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Providing support to the Store Manager involves several duties and responsibilities. After analyzing a sample of Assistant Retail Manager job descriptions, we came up with the following list of the most important Assistant Retail Manager duties and responsibilities.

Hire, Train and Manage Store Staff

Assistant Retail Managers wear many hats. One of those hats is human resources. They are responsible for conducting interviews with prospective employees and hiring those who are the best fit. They are also responsible for training new employees on sales strategies and company visual standards.

Ensure Product on Floor Meets Company Visual Standard

It is the job of the Assistant Retail Manager to make sure the product on the store floor meets company visual standards. This involves managing sales employees to close the store to standard on a nightly basis.

Provide Customer Service

The best way to get sales associates to provide good customer service is to lead from the front. It is the Assistant Retail Manager that sets the standard of customer service by consistently going above and beyond customer expectations.

Manage Store Inventory

Assistant Retail Managers work with the stock manager to ensure the store inventory is maintained to company standard. This involves making sure all product areas on the floor are filled and merchandised properly.


Assistant Retail Manager Skills

The role of Assistant Retail Manager is one that takes mostly soft skills. Assistant Retail Managers have to be good at evaluating talent and motivating workers to put in their best work each day. This requires an upbeat attitude and a true passion for the brand. Assistant Retail Managers also have to be able to sell. They can’t successfully train new hires on how to sell if they can’t sell themselves. Another trait they must have is the ability to multitask. The retail environment can get hectic, especially during the holiday season. Strong attention to detail is also required to keep the sales floor up to visual standard. In addition to these traits, the following skills are needed to gain employment as an Assistant Retail Manager.

  • Evaluating and hiring sales associates based on company criteria
  • Training and developing sales associates using proprietary sales strategies
  • Maintaining visual and service standards by delegating tasks to sales associates
  • Defusing customer complaints through the use of conflict resolution skills
  • Working with stock team to keep sales floor stocked with merchandise


Assistant Retail Manager Education and Training

Educational requirements for Assistant Retail Managers vary by industry. In some industries, it is possible to start as an entry-level sales associate and work your way up to an Assistant Retail Manager position without any college education. Other industries prefer candidates with at least an Associate’s degree in Business or Retail Management. Most training for this position comes on the job.


Assistant Retail Manager Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median salary for First-Line Supervisors of Retail Workers, which includes Assistant Managers, is $39,040. Those in the bottom 10 percent make below $24,530, while those in the top 10 percent make above $66,430.


Assistant Retail Manager Resources

Check out the following list of resources if you think a career in retail management is for you.

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Retail Industry Leaders Association This is an excellent professional organization for those who work in retail at the management level, and who take their role as leader seriously.

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