Building Supervisor Job Description

Building supervisors maintain every aspect of the buildings and surrounding grounds where they are employed, managing employees, coordinating schedules, and enforcing all property policies. Schools, hospitals, and office buildings hire building supervisors, who primarily report to the property owner or building manager. Building supervisors generally work daytime business hours but are always on-call in the case of emergencies and other crisis situations. Building supervisors work on the building property itself and rarely travel as part of their regular duties.


Building Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

The day-to-day duties of building supervisors vary based on the type and scope of the property where they work. These core responsibilities, however, are universal:

Assess Maintenance Needs

Building supervisors assess maintenance and repair needs on all mechanical systems and equipment and perform light maintenance tasks. For heavier maintenance work and repair jobs, building supervisors hire appropriate contractors.

Inspect Building and Grounds

Building supervisors inspect the general condition of the building and surrounding property for cleanliness, overall appeal, and potential problems.

Manage Staff

Building supervisors evaluate and supervise building staff, assign work tasks, and train new employees.

Coordinate Inspectors, Vendors, and Contractors

Building supervisors coordinate professionals coming to the building and grounds, such as code inspectors, vendors making deliveries, and contractors performing work on the property.

Schedule Community Spaces

Building supervisors manage community areas within the building property and prepare them for scheduled events.

Enforce Policies

Building supervisors enforce building security and safety policies and train staff members on proper policy protocols.

Address Resident Complaints

The building supervisor is the face of the building itself and as such addresses complaints from residents and regulars within the building. Building supervisors make decisions to resolve these complaints as they arise.

Provide Emergency Assistance

Building supervisors manage all emergency situations and ensure that emergency procedures are properly followed when these situations occur.


Building Supervisor Skills and Qualifications

Building supervisors are highly organized professionals who manage people and problems, know how to prioritize tasks, and stay calm under pressure. Building supervisors need an array of key skills in order to handle their daily responsibilities and find success in this role, including:

  • Management experience – building supervisors are managers who dole out job tasks to staff and hire contractors, duties that require management and leadership skills
  • Customer service – building supervisors address building residents, customers, and other individuals who come to the building property, making customer service skills an essential part of the job
  • Organization skills – coordinating schedules and staff assignments while managing regular building protocols and maintenance requirements requires excellent organization skills
  • Attention to detail – building supervisors perform regular inspections to look for any problems or imperfections within the building or on the grounds, which requires the ability to be detail-oriented at all times
  • Communication skills – building supervisors possess excellent communication skills to speak daily with staff, vendors, and residents, and deliver verbal and written reports about building issues to the property owner or building manager
  • Mechanical ability – basic mechanical skills allow building supervisors to assess maintenance and repair needs and perform light maintenance and repair tasks


Building Supervisor Education and Training

Employers require building supervisors to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Past work experience in management, maintenance, or supervising helps candidates stand out to potential employers and gives them the skills they need for the job.

Building supervisors receive extensive paid training to become familiar with their day-to-day duties, the building and property itself, and the rest of the staff members who work within the property boundaries. During this training period, building supervisors work closely with a manager or property owner. The training period varies by building, based on the size and needs of the property.


Building Supervisor Salary and Outlook

Property, real estate, and community association managers earn a median salary of $57,040 annually, per data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Property, real estate, and community association managers perform the same job duties as building supervisors. The BLS estimates that jobs in this industry will grow by 10 percent through 2026.

Health insurance benefits with dental and vision coverage are typically offered to building supervisors. Vacation leave, paid sick days, and life insurance are also standard benefits.


Helpful Resources

Use these resources to find career opportunities and master the strategies needed to become successful as a building supervisor:

Building Owners and Managers Association International – this website has extensive resources for building supervisors and similar professionals, including information about building codes, education and research resources, and an events calendar

365 Tips: For Community Association Managers, Property Managers and Property Owners – written for communication association and property managers, as well as property owners, this book contains many useful tips for building supervisors, including practical strategies for managing staff, coordinating schedules, and other building-related duties

National Property Management Association – find career opportunities, certification programs, news, and other tools for building supervisors and property managers at the NPMA website

Emergency Management for Facility and Property Managers – learn how to develop and use emergency procedures and manage crisis situations with the strategies detailed in this book, which serves as a useful guide for building supervisors and property managers of all types

Onsite Property Management Association – OPMA provides training information, news updates, and member benefits to building supervisors and other types of property managers who work on-site

Be a Successful Property Manager – master all the essential skills and strategies for being a successful building supervisor using the tips found in this book


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