Building Manager Job Description

Building Managers are responsible for handling and overseeing the day-to-day operations of a building, whether that building is a multifamily residential property, a school, a corporate office or a retail facility.

Building Managers can work for a wide variety of organizations, including property management companies, corporations, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, retail companies and more. Building Managers work in a hybrid environment that combines traditional office work with more hands-on work around the building.


Building Manager Duties and Responsibilities


Building Manager
2014 - Present

Seven Cs Maintenance Co Inc

Assisting in opening and closing procedures and maintenance of equipment.

Coordinating with the team for global project management and facility management.

Performed monitoring performance and building maintenance procedures.

Developing facility emergency and various management plans.

To ensure that their building is secure, maintained and running smoothly, Building Managers perform a variety of tasks. We analyzed several online job postings to identify these core duties and responsibilities.

Ensure Occupant Safety

Whether the building’s occupants are families, students, patients or office workers, it is a Building Manager’s top priority to ensure their safety. This means providing up-to-date emergency exit maps, providing adequate disability access and more.

Maintain and Repair

As part of their ongoing duties, Building Managers must maintain and repair the building in their care. This usually includes routine tasks, such as cleaning, fixing broken or malfunctioning locks and outsourcing complex tasks (such as elevator repair) to third-party contractors.

Overseeing Security

For the purpose of protecting occupants as well as the property itself, Building Managers will need to oversee the security of their building. This may involve checking electronic security systems, reviewing security camera footage and coordinating security guard shifts.

Respond to Occupants

Whenever an occupant of the building has a question, concern or comment, the first person they come to will be the Building Manager. This means that Building Managers must be well-equipped to promptly respond to and address occupants.

Perform Cosmetic Work

Although it is less essential than building security and occupant safety, it is also important for Building Managers to handle the cosmetic aspects of their building. Cosmetic work can involve painting, landscaping and other similar tasks.

Keep Records

Since Building Managers will need to report to their employers on a regular basis, it’s important that they keep clear and organized records of occupant complaints, security issues, cosmetic projects and more.


Building Manager Skills

Professional Skills

Hands-on experience in building systems and structures.

Proficient in handling responsibilities and time management.

Immense ability to provide a positive atmosphere and handle complaints.

Remarkable ability to do maintenance of trade.

Successful Building Managers are personable and results-oriented individuals who are just as comfortable communicating with contractors as they are with occupants. They are proactive rather than reactive, and they’re always willing to overcome whatever obstacles may arise. In addition to these general personality traits and attributes, employers are looking for Building Managers with the follow skills and qualifications.

Communication skills – Since Building Managers will be in constant communication with their employer, contractors and occupants, it’s essential that they have excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as a friendly and easy-to-talk-to personality.

Attention to detail – In any given building on any given day, there are hundreds of issues that can arise. Thus, it’s important for Building Managers to pay close attention to every detail so that they can always be aware of what’s going on.

Organizational skills – In order to effectively keep records, keep track of occupants and work with contractors, Building Managers must have strong organizational skills.

Basic maintenance skills – Often, the problems that present themselves will be important enough to demand attention but small enough that hiring a contractor isn’t necessary. In these scenarios, Building Managers rely on their own basic maintenance and repair skills to fix issues.


Building Manager Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Property, Real Estate and Community Association Managers (which includes Building Managers) make a median annual salary of $57,040. The lowest paid earn $28,260 or less per year, while the highest paid earn $126,390 or more per year. Building Managers in New York, Virginia and Colorado enjoy the highest median annual wage in the United States, earning $93,290, $80,200 and $78,150 per year respectively.


Building Manager Tools of the Trade

In order to effectively accomplish their daily goals, Building Managers use an array of tools. If you plan on becoming a Building Manager, you should be familiar with the following.

Microsoft Office software suite – Many of the programs in Microsoft Office, most notably Excel, are invaluable tools for Building Managers.

Management software – To accurately keep track of occupants, repairs, maintenance costs and other factors, Building Managers will usually need to use some type of management software program.

Telecommunications equipment – To facilitate communication between their employer, occupants and third-party contractors, Building Managers will need to know how to use telecommunications equipment such as telephones (both land and cell), fax machines and intercoms.

Standard office equipment – Since Building Managers will spend some of their time in an office environment, they need to be able to operate standard office equipment such as copiers and fax machines.


Additional Building Manager Resources

To help you continue exploring your career as a Building Manager, we put together the following list of resources.

BOMA International – The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International provides extensive resources, events, education and more.

IREMThe Institute of Real Estate Managers (IREM) is specifically geared towards Building Managers in the real estate sector, and offers resources, certifications, events and more.

Property Management Insider – This online magazine is full of helpful articles for Building Managers and other property management professionals.

Building Codes Illustrated – This illustrated manual of international building codes can be a handy reference guide for Building Managers.


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