Building Maintenance Technician Job Description

Building maintenance technicians ensure that building systems and devices run safely and efficiently by performing routine, preventive, and emergency repair and maintenance tasks. This role can encompass a number of different tasks, ranging from working with plumbing and electric systems to maintaining HVAC equipment and building exteriors. Most building maintenance technicians work as part of a larger facilities management team and may be responsible for maintaining a number of buildings.
Building maintenance technicians utilize a variety of tools to diagnose and repair mechanical issues, extend the life of necessary equipment, and ensure that the building is safe for residents and visitors.

Building Maintenance Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Based on listings that we examined, most building maintenance technicians share several responsibilities:
Perform Preventative Maintenance Tasks
The primary duty of a building maintenance technician is performing a variety of tasks related to preventive maintenance. This includes tasks like changing filters on HVAC systems, replacing fixtures before they fail, and cleaning equipment and machinery to extend their useful lives. Preventive maintenance may also include testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and performing pest treatments.
Diagnose Performance Issues
Troubleshooting is an important duty of a building maintenance technician. If they find that a piece of equipment is not functioning as expected or notice recurring issues (such as a light fixture burning through bulbs at a faster-than-expected rate), the technician conducts diagnostic tests to isolate and identify the issue before making repairs.
Conduct Emergency Repairs
Building maintenance technicians conduct emergency repair and maintenance. In some cases, a building resident or user may make an urgent request for a technician to address to prevent a hazardous situation or resolve an issue that interrupts use of the facility. In these cases, the building maintenance technician needs to rapidly assess the problem and devise and implement a solution.
Support Building Upkeep Activities
Building maintenance technicians support a number of processes and procedures related to building upkeep. These include routine tasks such as changing bulbs and repairing small leaks before they cause further damage, assisting with landscaping and other tasks around the building's exterior, and ensuring that pest control solutions such as mouse and bug traps are regularly checked and replaced.
Assist with Inspections
Many building maintenance technicians assist with regular facility inspections. Because most in this role tend to work as part of a larger facility maintenance team, a building maintenance technician is usually responsible for a particular aspect of the inspection and will have a list of elements that they need to check, test, or visually inspect.
Maintain Maintenance and Repair Records
Finally, building maintenance technicians maintain detailed records of their repair and maintenance activities, including services performed and equipment and supplies that they used. Occasionally, a building maintenance technician will need to provide these records to an outside maintenance professional if an issue requires a specialist. These repair and maintenance records also need to be submitted to supervisors or building managers.

Building Maintenance Technician Skills and Qualifications

Building maintenance technicians perform a wide variety of duties to keep building systems running effectively. Most workers in this role have at least a high school diploma and the following skills:

  • Troubleshooting skills – building maintenance technicians should be excellent troubleshooters, able to diagnose and identify performance issues in a range of building systems and mechanical devices
  • Repair and maintenance skills – effective repair and maintenance skills are central to this role, and building maintenance technicians should be able to repair electrical and mechanical issues using a variety of tools
  • Physical strength and stamina – building maintenance technicians spend a significant amount of time working on their feet and often need to climb ladders or enter cramped spaces, so they should be physically fit and possess excellent stamina
  • Attention to detail – this role also requires a high level of attention to detail, along with the ability to proactively identify issues in systems and machinery to make preventive repairs
  • Team collaboration – many building maintenance technicians work as part of a larger team, so they should be effective collaborators and coordinators to ensure that necessary work is completed according to schedule and need
  • Communication skills – building maintenance technicians should also be able to communicate verbally with building users and supervisors, and may also need to prepare written reports and requests 

Tools of the Trade

Building maintenance technicians tend to use many tools in the course of completing their work, including:

  • Hand and power tools (drills, screwdrivers, hammers)
  • Diagnostic tools (voltage meters)

Building Maintenance Technician Education and Training

Building maintenance technicians typically have a high school diploma or GED, although some attend postsecondary trade or vocational schools to learn additional skills. There are usually ample opportunities for on-the-job training in this role as building maintenance technicians gain familiarity with essential machinery and repair and maintenance techniques.

Building Maintenance Technician Salary and Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) categorizes building maintenance technicians as general maintenance and repair workers. According to the BLS, workers in this role earn a median annual salary of $37,760. The lowest-paid 10 percent of workers in this role earn less than $22,820 per year, while the highest-paid 10 percent earn more than $61,720 annually.
The BLS expects employment of general maintenance and repair workers to grow at an average pace of 8 percent through 2026.

Helpful Resources

We searched the web and found several resources if you'd like to learn more about working as a building maintenance technician:
International Facility Management Association – IFMA is a professional organization for facilities management professionals, providing publications, career development resources, and opportunities to connect through events
Facilities Management: Managing Maintenance for Buildings and Facilities – this book provides a complete overview of building maintenance, with a particular focus on commercial, institutional, academic, and industrial buildings
Best Practice in Building Maintenance. Reactive, Preventative or Predictive? – read this blog post to learn about three different building maintenance philosophies, including the costs and benefits of each and how to incorporate them into a maintenance plan
Building Maintenance – read this book to learn the basics of building maintenance, including how building maintenance considerations can influence design and how to keep essential systems running efficiently and effectively

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