Booking Agent Job Description

Booking agents are responsible for coordinating performances and appearances for artists, performers, and public figures. Booking agents spend their time scouting talent, identifying potential gigs, and negotiating contracts for their clients. They are usually employed by a talent agency, but some work independently. The most common area of employment is the music industry. Bands, singers, DJs, and orchestras all have booking agents to schedule their performances. They can also find employment in the niche entertainment industry booking different kinds performers, including circus acts, magicians, and comedians. In the music and entertainment industries, booking agents may travel with their clients when they are touring. Authors on a speaking tour and other kinds of speakers hire booking agents to plan and book engagements. Booking agents work from an office sometimes, but they also spend time meeting with current and potential clients, which usually takes place outside of the office.

Booking agents who work at an agency work under the direction of the managing partner. According to, job openings for booking agents should grow 1.38 percent a year through 2026.


Booking Agent Duties and Responsibilities

Booking talent and negotiating contracts involve many duties. We researched several booking agent job descriptions to come up with the following list of core duties and responsibilities:

Participate in the Talent Evaluation Process

Booking agents collaborate with talent scouts to find the most promising clients. The booking agent then drafts a pitch letter to get the talent to choose them for representation.

Build Rapport with Clients

Being able to build strong relationships is tantamount to success. If clients don’t feel they can trust you, they will fire you, even if you are a talented booking agent.

Identify Potential Booking Opportunities

Booking agents have to be good at networking. They must keep a strong professional relationship with owners of venues and event organizers within their niche to get their clients the best opportunities.

Negotiate Contract Terms for Clients

This is one of the most important responsibilities of a booking agent. The amount of money an artist or performer makes comes down to the negotiating skills of their booking agents. These negotiations cover the amount of work expected, the amount of payment, who covers transportation and lodging costs, stage theatrical support, and items to be provided in the artist’s dressing room.

Collaborate with Event Promoters to Ensure Event Success

The compensation of an artist or performer typically includes a percentage of ticket sales, so booking agents work with event promoters to deploy marketing strategies that generate ticket sales.


Booking Agent Skills

Booking agents must be knowledgeable of contract law, specifically as it applies to the entertainment industry. While entertainment lawyers officially review the terms of the contract, booking agents have to know the laws to preempt any issues. Booking agents also need to be knowledgeable about their clients’ industry. They have to know which venues are trendy, which radio stations and media outlets get the most traffic, and what artists with comparable clout are being paid. Booking agents should be comfortable talking to powerful people and have the attitude of not leaving anything on the table during a negotiation. In addition to these traits and areas of knowledge, the following skills are needed to find a job:

  • Evaluating the talent of potential clients
  • Pitching services to potential clients using sales skills
  • Networking with venue owners and event promoters to find potential gigs
  • Negotiating with venues on the behalf of clients
  • Working with event promoters to create and implement a marketing strategy for the client’s tour


Booking Agent Tools of the Trade

  • Telephone – The good old telephone is the booking agent’s most important tool as they spend most of their time talking with clients, promoters, and venues
  • Microsoft Office – used to write pitch emails, draft contracts, and keep track of client payments


Booking Agent Education and Training

Booking agents are required to have at least an associate’s degree in music management, marketing, or business. Some employers prefer those who have a bachelor’s degree. Coursework covers topics such as marketing, talent management, sales, negotiation, and similar areas of knowledge.


Booking Agent Salary

According to Payscale, the national median salary for booking agents is $38,000. Those in the top 10 percent make above $78,906, while those in the bottom 10 percent make less than 28,383.


Booking Agent Resources

If you think a career in talent management is for you, check out the following list of resources for booking agents below:

Association of Talent Agents – The Association of Talent Agents got its start back in 1937 and has since established itself as the premier organization for talent and booking agents. It offers professional development seminars, job search assistance, and legal representation to members.

North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents – Founded in 1979, this organization is for both managers and booking agents. It offers professional development and networking opportunities.

Gigwell – Gigwell is a gig management software that helps booking agents streamline booking gigs, building buzz, and selling tickets.

More Gigs Now: Concert Booking Secrets of Successful Musicians – The author shares his strategy for successfully booking gigs in this book. It is based on the tactics some of the most successful musicians in the world use to book gigs and manage their tours.

So You Want to be a Talent Agent? Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Own Local Talent Booking Agency – This book covers everything booking agents need to know to strike out on their own and start a business. This is a great read for entrepreneurial booking agents.


Booking Agent Resume Help

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