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A Maintenance Coordinator is the person in charge of performing all tasks related to the Maintenance and general upkeep of their employer. This involves routine tasks, such as changing light bulbs and the bags of waste containers. It also involves more complex tasks, such as diagnosing and repairing machine malfunctions. Those who know a little about a lot of things and are good with their hands make good Maintenance Coordinators.

Maintenance Coordinators are employed in the commercial, industrial and residential industries. Although most duties remain generally the same, specific duties for Maintenance Coordinators can vary based on the industry of their employer. This is typically an entry-level position that requires only a high school diploma. With that being said, most employers prefer candidates with maintenance experience.

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Maintenance Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Maintenance Coordinators have a wide range of duties and responsibilities that vary in complexity. While there may be additional, job-specific duties completed by Maintenance Coordinators, the following are core duties and responsibilities listed on virtually all of the Maintenance Coordinator job descriptions we’ve analyzed during our research.

Perform Tasks Associated With Daily Upkeep

This duty varies depending on one's place of employment. It can involve changing light bulbs, lawn and garden maintenance, sweeping the factory floor and other standard maintenance activities.

Keep Maintenance Logs for all Machinery

It is important that anything done to a machine is documented, and that is the responsibility of the Maintenance Coordinator. This log lets one easily see the " who, what and when " of any maintenance activity.

Develop and Implement Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Coordinators are responsible for fixing a machine when something goes wrong, but they're also responsible for devising maintenance plans to keep things from going wrong. This involves establishing maintenance protocol for each machine, as well as daily upkeep routines for non-mechanical maintenance.

Understand and Implement Company Quality Control Standards

It is the Maintenance Coordinator's responsibility to ensure quality control standards are being practiced by them and all of their team members. This requires expertise in the company's quality control policies and procedures.

Keep Track of Maintenance Supply Inventory

Maintenance Coordinators are responsible for maintaining the inventory for the supplies they regularly use, such as cleaning supplies. They have the power to purchase these items when supplies run low.

Maintenance Coordinator Skills

Maintenance Coordinators require a unique blend of skills and competencies to perform their jobs effectively. Maintenance Coordinators must be competent in repairing the machines most relevant to their industry of employment. For example, those who work in the automotive industry must be competent in repairing auto machinery, while those employed in the HVAC industry must be competent in repairing heating and cooling systems. Since this role contains supervisory responsibilities, Maintenance Coordinators must be skilled at delegating tasks and motivating their team to do their best work.

  • The following list is made up of the core skills Maintenance Coordinators use on a daily basis.
  • Leadership Skills: Maintenance Coordinators are often in charge of a small team of Maintenance Technicians. They use leadership skills to know when to lead by doing and when to delegate tasks in a way that empowers their team.
  • Organizational Skills: Maintenance Coordinators have several duties that require organizational skills. They must keep inventory of maintenance supplies organized and place orders when supplies run low. They also must keep maintenance logs to document service and repairs.
  • Proficiency with Spreadsheets: Proficiency in a spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, is necessary to perform the duties of a Maintenance Coordinator. Spreadsheets are used to track maintenance logs, manage inventory and track the maintenance budget.
  • Communication Skills: Maintenance Coordinators must be able to delegate tasks to their team, and this duty requires good communication skills. Communication skills are also used indirectly in the day-to-day conversations that build relationships with one's co-workers.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Maintenance Coordinators call upon their problem solving skills when any machine malfunction occurs. They must diagnose the root cause, and then create an action plan to address said cause.

Maintenance Coordinator Tools of the Trade

Maintenance Coordinators use a wide variety of tools to complete their duties and responsibilities. These tools can vary depending on specific place of employment. With that being said, the following are the most common tools of the trade for Maintenance Coordinators.

Landscaping tools – The Maintenance Coordinator is often in charge of the landscaping crew of a company. They use tools like industrial lawnmowers, hedge clippers, weed whackers and irrigation systems to maintain the outer aesthetics of their employer.

Basic Hand Tools – Tools like hammers, drills, screwdrivers and pliers are used frequently by Maintenance Coordinators. Competency with these tools is necessary to perform basic repairs.

Spreadsheet Software – Maintenance Coordinators must be proficient in spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, in order to create inventory budgets.

Maintenance Coordinator Salary

According to online sources, the national median salary is 46,675 for Maintenance Coordinators. Those at the bottom of the scale make as low as $26,000, while those at the top of the scale make as high as $96,000.

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Maintenance Coordinator Resources

If you’re interested in a career as a Maintenance Coordinator, then check out the following professional organizations.

National Association of Residential Property Managers

This professional organization is great for Maintenance Coordinators in the residential industry. In addition to great resources, one of their offerings is the Certified Maintenance Coordinator certification. Requirements include the following classes: intro to maintenance, maintenance basics and beyond, lead base paint law and ethics.

Association for Facilities Engineering

The AFE has been around since 1915, making it one of the oldest professional organizations for Maintenance Coordinators. One of the things offered by this organization is the Certified Professional Maintenance Manager certification. The qualifications for this can be found on their website.

International Facility Management Association

The IFMA boast over 24,000 members in 104 countries, which makes it a truly global organization. Many of these 24,000 members are Maintenance Coordinators.

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