Order Selector Job Description

Order selectors fill customer orders and ensure they are correct before being sent out. Warehouses hire order selectors for part- and full-time shifts that include weekends and evenings, with some overtime and holiday hours required. Order selectors perform physically demanding tasks inside warehouse environments that are not temperature-controlled, working within a collaborative environment where they primarily report to the warehouse supervisor. Some order selectors are required to travel to other warehouse locations owned by the company, but typically work inside one warehouse to perform all their job duties.


Order Selector Duties and Responsibilities

The daily job tasks performed by order selectors vary based on the types of items being stocked in the warehouse and the number of orders that need to be filled. Despite these variables, however, the core work duties performed by order selectors are universally the same in all warehouse environments.

Read Work Orders

Order selectors read work orders detailing shipments requested by various customers.

Select Ordered Items

Order selectors locate and select specific items within the warehouse to fulfill customer orders.

Prepare Orders

Order selectors operate forklifts and machinery to stack items on pallets and prepare orders for shipping. Order selectors also place prepared orders in the correct dock slips to be loaded on shipping trucks.

Inspect Items

Order selectors perform visual inspections of items to ensure orders are correct, undamaged, and ready for shipment.

Follow Safety Procedures

Order selectors follow all safety procedures regarding personal safety and safety of other workers, including safe operation of equipment, wearing proper clothing, and following safe food handling procedures where applicable. Order selectors also maintain good awareness at all times in order to safely transport items within a busy warehouse environment with many other workers moving around at the same time.

Apply Labels

Order selectors correctly label order shipments so they are instantly and easily identifiable.

Shrink Wrap Orders

Order selectors apply shrink wrap to orders once they are complete and ready for shipment.

Maintain Warehouse

Order selectors keep warehouse areas clean and organized at all times.


Order Selector Skills and Qualifications

Order selectors prepare orders for shipment inside busy, active warehouse environments where they work collaboratively with the rest of the warehouse team and follow all safety procedures at all times. Employers hire order selectors who can display all the skills required to perform the tasks associated with this job.

  • Physical ability – order selectors lift and move heavy boxes to prepare shipments for delivery, squat, bend, and walk for long periods at a time, tasks which require physical ability
  • Mechanical skills – order selectors operate various machinery in warehouses, which requires good mechanical skills
  • Communication – order selectors use strong verbal communication skills to work within a collaborative environment with other warehouse workers, accepting and relaying information regarding various customer orders
  • Mathematics – order selectors count items and perform simple calculations while fulfilling orders, which requires at least basic math skills
  • Attention to detail – order selectors must have good attention to detail to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled precisely and each item is included in the order


Tools of the Trade

Order selectors routinely work with the following tools and equipment:

  • Warehouse equipment (forklifts, electric pallet jacks)
  • Communication tools (headsets, handheld radios)


Order Selector Education and Training

Warehouses hire order selectors who are at least 18 years of age to perform this job. However, many employers prefer candidates who have a high school diploma or GED. Additionally, candidates who have previous warehouse experience and experience working with forklifts and other warehouse machinery stand out above others applying for the same job. Previous education and experience are not required by employers for this job, however, and order selectors are often hired on an entry-level basis.

Because this is an entry-level job, order selectors are provided with training by employers. This training period is usually brief, no more than one or two weeks, but varies by employer. During training, order selectors are closely monitored by the warehouse supervisor as they learn how to perform their required job tasks.


Order Selector Salary and Outlook

Material moving machine operators occupied more than 650,000 jobs in 2016, according to job data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This number is projected to grow by six percent from 2016 to 2026, a rate which is as fast as the national average. These professionals earned a median salary of $34,830 annually, or $16.75 hourly, in 2017. Material moving machine operators use machinery to transport objects around various workplaces, including warehouses. Order selectors perform many tasks that are similar to those required by material moving machine operators. PayScale data shows that order selectors earn $14.71 median hourly income.

A majority of employers provide full-time order selectors with healthcare insurance, though some do not receive these benefits. Most order selectors do receive paid vacation leave and sick days from employers. Order selectors who are required to work overtime and during holidays typically receive a higher-than-normal hourly rate during these shifts.


Helpful Resources

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