Order Puller Job Description

An Order Puller works at a manufacturing and shipping facility, and their primary role is preparing customer orders for shipment. This type of job is suited for those who can’t see themselves working at a cubicle. Order Pullers spend most of their time on their feet locating and pulling products. When not on their feet, they’re usually in forklifts moving product too heavy to be lifted manually. Speaking of lifting, the role of Order Puller can be physically demanding.

The role of Order Puller is a blue-collar job that doesn’t require any formal education beyond a high school diploma. Everything Order Pullers need to know is learned through on-the-job training. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for Order Pullers is set to grow 5 percent through 2024.


Order Puller Duties and Responsibilities


Order Picker
2014 - Present

Lineage Logistics

Executed physical functions related to the warehouse while loading and moving products using material handling equipment.

Facilitated completion of order receipts while assimilating orders in logistics containers.

Facilitated shipment of filled orders to shipping place while replenishing shelves and maintaining the cleanliness of inventory.

Performed duties related to marking containers and determining information.

There are several duties and responsibilities Order Pullers perform in their quest to fill customer orders. The following list is composed of the core duties Order Pullers are responsible for on a daily basis.

Process Customer Orders

The most important duty completed by Order Pullers is correctly processing customer orders and uploading them into their employer’s database. This involves competency with order processing tools, such as barcode scanners.

Check Stock Using Computer

Once Order Pullers process customer orders, the next step is to check if the items are in stock. This is done using computers, so it requires competency with inventory management software.

Assist Order Checker in Order Accuracy Efforts

Accuracy is of the utmost importance in this job. Customer satisfaction depends solely on orders being filled correctly and arriving in a timely manner. This process starts with Order Pullers and Order Checkers working together to ensure every order is accurate.

Prepare Shipping Labels

Order Pullers are responsible for boxing up orders and getting them ready for shipping. This involves accurately inputting customer shipping information, and then using a commercial label printing machine to print the shipping labels.

Load and Unload Freight Containers

Loading and unloading freight containers is where the physical demand of the job comes into play. This duty can involve lifting items up to 50 pounds. It can also involve operating heavy machinery, such as forklifts, to move heavy loads.

Order Puller Skills

Professional Skills

Substantial experience in executing functions related to the automotive industry.

Profound knowledge of comprehending RF units with knowledge of inspection tools.

Sound knowledge of comprehending principles while developing intent and client-specific use.

Profound knowledge of understanding simple guidelines and memos.

Order Pullers rely on a blend of hard and soft skills to get their jobs done. They have to be quick thinkers who are able to quickly process the most efficient way to fill an order. This also involves organizational skills, as Order Pullers must know how to quickly find items within the warehouse. Order Pullers need to have a certain level of physical strength, as loading and unloading freights involves continuous bending and lifting. They also need to be able to operate machines used in the loading process.

We scoured through dozens of Order Puller job descriptions in order to put together the following list of core skills Order Pullers need to possess to gain employment.

Reading Comprehension Skills: Order Pullers call upon their reading comprehension skills when processing customer orders. They must be able to read and understand the types of information typically present on customer orders and shipping labels.

Active Listening Skills: Pulling orders is very much a team process. Order Pullers have to be good listeners in order to follow the direction given to them by the Warehouse Manager. Order Pullers typically use headsets to communicate with each other.

Organizational Skills: Order Pullers have to be highly organized in order to maximize their efficiency. They call upon their organizational skills when processing and filling customer orders.

Basic Computer Skills: Order Pullers need basic computer skills to navigate the order processing and inventory management software they use on a daily basis. This knowledge is typically acquired through on-the-job training.

Prioritization Skills: Order Pullers have multiple orders to process over the course of a day. Some may even get bonuses depending on how many they can complete during a day. This means they must be able to prioritize tasks to figure out the most efficient way to fill a given order.

Order Puller Salary

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median salary for Order Pullers is $23,220. The bottom 10 percent make less than $17,720, while those in the top 10 percent make above $38,850. The top three states with the highest Order Puller salaries are Washington at $31,930, Alaska at $31,630 and Oregon at $30,000.


Order Puller Work Environment

Order Pullers work in an atypical environment that isn’t for every type of worker. They work mostly on their feet rather than sitting at a desk, which takes a certain level of physical stamina. Order Pullers also tend to be shift workers, which mean they rarely work your standard 9 to 5 shift. They could also work mid shifts and graveyard shifts, which takes good time management skills.

Rather than a desk, Order fillers work in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. These areas are typically loud and hectic, with several team members performing several tasks simultaneously. Order Pullers have to be able to work in a fast-paced and unpredictable work environment.

Order Puller Tools of the Trade

Order Pullers use a selection of tools to maximize their productivity, and these tools are listed below.

Barcode Scanner: Order Pullers use handheld barcode scanners to scan orders into their database.

Inventory Management Software: Order Pullers rely on inventory management software to quickly check if all the items ordered by a given customer are in stock. They also use this software to quickly locate the items within the warehouse.

Hand Trucks: Order Pullers use hand trucks to move small and medium sized items at a more efficient rate.

Forklift: Forklifts are used to move extremely heavy items. Operators of forklifts usually get paid more, as they must be certified to operate a forklift.


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