Technical Specialist Job Description

Technical specialists streamline and manage technical programs and products through customer service, staff training, and web development. Tech-based companies and other businesses that use technology hire technical specialists for full- and part-time work. Technical specialists most often work daytime business hours, though shifts depend on the hours maintained by the hiring company. Technical specialists work independently and report to the technical department head, but also work within a team environment to provide training materials and instruction to other staff members.


Technical Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

Businesses in various industries hire technical specialists to streamline their technology, and individual job tasks vary based on the company and its specific tech focus. However, these core duties are the same in all jobs:

Assess Technical Programs

Technical specialists assess and analyze all technical programs used by the company, and all technical products created by the company, if any.

Program Applications and Online Pages

Technical specialists create application designs and develop web pages to streamline business processes and programs.

Perform Technical Support

Technical specialists provide tech support for programs and applications to both customers and other staff members within the company.

Train Customers and Staff

Technical specialists train customers and company staff on apps and products, advising them on the best practices for using technical applications and programs. Technical specialists also design training materials for other staff members to teach them the most efficient methods for using company tech.

Troubleshoot Products and Services

Technical specialists troubleshoot technical programs, products, and applications used by the company, and redesign programs as needed to make them more efficient and effective.

Minimize Costs

Technical specialists minimize company costs by finding ways to increase productivity and reduce expenses.

Research New Tech

Technical specialists learn new products and technologies as they become available to find the best methods for using them.


Technical Specialist Skills and Qualifications

Technical specialists are detail-oriented professionals with critical thinking skills who can spot potential problems and find cost-effective solutions. Employers hire technical specialists who have the following skills:

  • Problem-solving skills – technical specialists use analytical abilities and problem-solving skills to spot potential problems in applications and programs and resolve them
  • Programming – technical specialists use programming skills and languages, such as SQL, to rewrite programs and applications
  • Communication skills – technical specialists use verbal and written communication skills to create training materials and advise staff members on the best ways to use various technology programs and apps
  • Customer service – because technical specialists answer customer questions and advise them on using technology, strong customer service skills are essential for this job
  • Organization skills – technical specialists use organization skills to manage multiple tasks at once, keep track of new technological developments, and maintain information on the best ways to use various technical programs
  • Attention to detail – technical specialists have strong attention to detail to spot potential programming problems and find ways to increase company productivity
  • Research – as technical specialists design training materials, learn new technologies, and find ways to cut company costs, strong research skills are essential for these professionals


Technical Specialist Education and Training

Technical specialists need a bachelor’s degree in information technology or a similar field. Candidates who have prior work experience in a technical field are more desirable to employers than those who don’t have this work history.

Employers provide technical specialists with little on-the-job training but often offer a brief orientation period that lasts from one to two weeks. During this time, technical specialists familiarize themselves with company tech, web applications, and other programs while working closely with a technical department manager or similar supervisor.


Technical Specialist Salary and Outlook

Computer support specialists of all types earn a median annual salary of $52,160, or $25.08 hourly, according to career data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Like technical specialists, computer support specialists provide technical support and advice to individual computer users and companies. PayScale data shows that technical specialists earn a median annual income of $72,563. BLS data projects that jobs in this field will increase 11 percent by 2026, which is faster than the national job growth average.

Employers provide full-time technical specialists with complete benefits packages that include health insurance with vision and dental coverage. Vacation and sick days are usually included with standard benefits packages. Some large companies offer additional employee benefits, such as free meals, wellness programs, and monetary incentives for meeting company profit and productivity goals.


Helpful Resources

Find tips, strategies, job opportunities, and other information for technical specialists with these resources:

A Guide to Computer User Support for Help Desk and Support Specialists – all professionals who provide technical support can make use of the tips in this book, a helpful guide containing tools and strategies for troubleshooting and problem-solving tech issues of all kinds

Association for Career & Technical Education – use ACTE to find educational resources for technical specialists and other tech-oriented professionals. This website also contains job opportunities, online seminars, and information about fellowship programs

The Non-Technical Guide to Web Technologies – learn how to speak technical language with this straightforward guidebook that uses simple text to convey information about complex technologies

Association of Support Professionals – tech support professionals of all kinds will find resources at this website, which contains information about industry events, news updates, and other helpful content

Product Training for the Technical Expert: The Art of Developing and Delivering Hands-On Learning – this practical guidebook for technical experts offers tips and strategies for training others on technologies of all types

American Association of Professional Technical Analysts – visit this website to find conferences and networking opportunities for technical specialists, analysts, and other IT professionals


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