Computer Technician Job Description

Computer technicians troubleshoot, repair, and install computer hardware and related equipment. Businesses in all industries hire computer technicians to work part- and full-time hours, primarily in office environments. Computer technicians may travel to businesses and branches to perform installation and repair services. Computer technicians work independently with little supervision and primarily report to the technical department manager or supervisor.


Computer Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Computer technicians perform varied job duties based on the number of computer terminals and related equipment used by the hiring company. These core duties for this job, however, are usually the same despite those differing factors:

Set Up Hardware

Computer technicians set up hardware and install all software and drivers needed to get it functioning properly. This includes computers and workstations as well as related equipment, such as printers, monitors, keyboards, routers, and any associated wires and cables.

Repair Equipment

Computer technicians maintain and repair equipment such as PCs, credit card machines, and cash registers.

Maintain Security

Computer technicians maintain security, privacy, and protection for all devices to prevent cyberattacks.

Upgrade Systems

Computer technicians upgrade computer systems and perform regular software updates.


Computer technicians troubleshoot system failures and bugs and solve these problems to keep systems functioning.

Remove Viruses

Computer technicians remove malware, spyware, and viruses from computers.

Install Workstations

Computer technicians set up and configure computer and laptop workstations. This includes setting up routers to provide internet access and running all wires and cables.


Computer Technician Skills and Qualifications

Computer technicians are tech-savvy professionals with excellent computer skills who keep business computers and related hardware functioning without errors. Employers look for computer technicians who have the following skills:

  • Computer skills – computer technicians need strong computer skills to perform various hardware and software functions, upgrades, and installations
  • Time management – computer technicians use time management skills to address computer problems quickly and efficiently
  • Communication skills – computer technicians need excellent communication skills to actively listen to users describe their current computer problems and effectively troubleshoot these issues
  • Problem-solving skills – computer technicians use problem-solving abilities to diagnose and repair computer problems of all types
  • Physical fitness – because computer technicians lift and move heavy pieces of equipment, crawl and bend to install cables, and perform other potentially taxing actions, some degree of physical fitness is required for this job
  • Attention to detail – computer technicians must maintain good attention to detail to diagnose computer issues, properly install computer hardware and software, and remove all viruses from computer systems


Tools of the Trade

Computer technicians regularly work with the following tools:

  • Computer hardware (computers, laptops, printers, monitors, routers)
  • Network cables


Computer Technician Education and Training

Education and training requirements for computer technicians vary by employer. Many employers require computer technicians to have a bachelor’s degree in an information technology field in addition to A+ certification. However, some employers accept candidates who have a high school diploma in addition to previous work experience in tech support or a computer-centric career field.

Paid job training is provided to computer technicians. During training, computer technicians work closely with a supervisor or senior member of the tech staff to learn more about the computer systems and related hardware most commonly used by the hiring company. This training period varies by employer and may last for several weeks before computer technicians begin performing their job duties independently.


Computer Technician Salary and Outlook

Computer technicians earn a median hourly income of $15.49, according to PayScale. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that computer support specialists earn a median annual salary of $52,810, or $25.39 hourly. BLS data shows that computer support specialists occupied more than 800,000 jobs in 2016. These jobs are expected to grow 11 percent by 2026, a rate faster than the national average. Computer support specialists and computer technicians have many of the same duties. Both provide technical assistance and support to computer networks for businesses and organizations.

A majority of employers provide health insurance with dental and vision coverage to computer technicians. Other benefits commonly include retirement planning options, life insurance, paid vacation leave, paid holidays, and paid sick days. Some employers may also provide computer technicians with continuing education reimbursement.


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