Contract Engineer Job Description

A Contract Engineer is a specialist in the field of engineering, who oversees projects, conducts reviews and studies the legalities of the contract between the client and the engineer and makes sure that all terms of the contract are tended to fairly. A contract engineer also must draft commercial tenders, and also sometimes must estimate the budgets of a specific project, before the administrating or awarding of the contract.

Contract Engineer Duties and Responsibilities


Contract Engineer
2014 - Present

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Maintaining the project and coordinating with other teams in drafting the projects and the budget.

Facilitating in developing all project-related contract strategies and organizing the list of bidders and inviting the file for tenders.

Performing all clarifications for contracts meeting and coordinating with the project department and smooth functioning of the project.

Assisting the departments and evaluating various commercial and technical evaluations.

A Contract Engineer deals mainly with writing up and preparing the paperwork, and working on the contractual conditions of a project, between the clients and the engineers. Because a contract engineer is often the person between two businesses, their job can take on a lot of responsibilities and duties. We analyzed several job postings to identify these common Contract Engineer duties and responsibilities.

Draft Contracts

Contract Engineers draft and review contracts, often adding or changing clauses according to the specifications of stakeholders.

Handle Issues with Contracts

During each stage of development, problems with contracts can arise, and a contract engineer must be able to allay them.

Keep Records

This includes drawings, field notes, sketches, reference manuals and any other engineering materials and making sure that they are noted in the contract, and that all information is dictated.

Execute Contracts

During the development process, letters must be drafted and signed by various people including clients, subcontractors, project managers and governmental overseers.


Contract Engineer Skills

Professional Skills

Extensive experience in supervising projects to make sure that the contract terms address all of the client’s requirements.

Sound knowledge of preparing contract close-out documents, monthly reports, intern and final payment applications.

Solid understanding of various sales and lease contracts and commercial post contracts.

Proficient in managing electrical drawing packages and creating the conceptual design of the switchboard.

Being a contract engineer requires a litany of skills – ones that will help with paperwork, with management, with people as well as with the projects being developed. That is why the skillset for a contract engineer must be vast and diverse, to be hired by any client. Basic social and technical skills are needed, however some of the competences that are specific to contract engineers are as follows:

  • Contract management – the ability to draft, alter and draw up numerous contracts for clients.
  • Project management – having detailed knowledge within the engineering and contracting business is a must, as it helps in identifying problems, and contributing to solutions related to the project.
  • Contractor billing and rate analysis – contract engineers are in charge of calculating the project costs, investments, commercial bids as well as contractor payment and rates.
  • Tender preparation – preparing various offers for clients before contractual agreements are set.
  • Expert mathematical skills – many of the duties for a contract engineer is calculating projected project costs, commercial bids, tenders as well as salaries.


Contract Engineer Salary

The salary for a Contract Engineer ranges between $71,000 to $120,000, with a median salary of $94,600, according to online sources. Of course, a senior contract engineer earns almost double that at certain companies, and so as it is for most jobs, the longer you work, the more you earn.


Contract Engineer Education Requirements

Many job postings for Contract Engineers detail a desire for an employee who has a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, however they also include that a higher degree would be advantageous. Moreover, there are numerous other requirements that are needed for a contract engineer to be hired, and below are the main ones.

  • An engineering degree is required, whether it’s a Bachelor’s a Master’s or an Associate’s degree, experienced knowledge in engineering is a must.
  • Experience/knowledge with contract preparation, negotiation, tendering and award procedures.
  • Competent technical expertise and application domain knowledge, so classes in mechanical engineering and database engineering can also help widen the search pool

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