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Education supporters guide and support students and teachers by helping to create education and lesson plans, providing education counseling, and suggesting teaching techniques to improve educational effectiveness. Colleges, universities, and schools of all kinds hire education support professionals for full-time work during school hours. Education supports receive several weeks off work throughout the year for school and federal holidays. They do not typically travel outside the school to perform their work duties. Education support professionals work collaboratively with other educational staff members and primarily report to the school principal or dean of students.

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Education Support Duties and Responsibilities

Day-to-day duties performed by education supporters vary based on the school they work at, the size of the student body, and the educational needs of the students. However, these core tasks are common despite those variables:

Explain Programs to Students

Education supporters explain available courses and course requirements to students, advising them on how to use these courses to achieve their educational goals.

Provide Resources

Education supporters inform students of available technology and other resources, explaining how to access and use these resources.

Create Education Plans

Education supporters work with students to create education plans for the short and long terms.

Write Progress Reports

Education supporters monitor progress made by individual students and write reports detailing their ongoing progress.

Review Lesson Plans

Education supporters review instructor lesson plans.

Observe Classrooms

Education supporters conduct classroom observations and make notes to improve teaching techniques.

Perform General Office Tasks

Education supporters perform many general office tasks, including filing, sorting mail, and copying.

Education Support Skills and Qualifications

Education supporters communicate with students to inform them of their options and help guide them through their education. They collaborate with other educational staff members to help students achieve the goals they set for themselves. Schools hire education supporters who have the following essential skills:

  • Communication skills - education supporters use verbal communication skills to advise students and explain various options to them
  • Interpersonal skills - education supporters collaborate with other educators, which requires strong interpersonal skills
  • Analytical thinking - education supporters devise lesson plans and education plans to help students meet their desired goals, so schools look for professionals with good analytical skills
  • Multitasking - education supporters address many students and work on many tasks at a time, both responsibilities that require excellent multitasking
  • Computer skills - because education supporters explain various technologies and resources to students and use software programs, good computer skills are essential for this job

Education Support Education and Training

Most schools require education supporters to have a bachelor’s degree in business, counseling, education, or a similar field of study. Many schools also seek education supporters who have previous work experience in an educational environment of some sort.

Little on-the-job training is provided to education supporters, who have previous education and training that gives them the ability to perform their work. However, many institutions provide newly hired education supporters with a brief orientation or grace period that allows them to observe classrooms, other staff, and the student body before assuming their daily job tasks. This grace period varies by employer but is typically brief, lasting no longer than two weeks at most schools.

Education Support Salary and Outlook

According to information provided by PayScale, education supporters earn $13.35 per hour. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that school and career counselors (who perform duties very similar to those assigned to education supporters) earn $26.64 per hour, or $55,410 annually. The BLS predicts employment in this field will rise 13 percent through 2026. This growth rate is faster than the national average.

Education supporters receive basic benefits packages that usually include medical insurance with some dental and vision benefits. Because they work in a school environment, education supporters also typically receive free meals and free parking. Paid vacation days and holidays are also usually included in standard benefits packages.

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