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Oracle Dbas are database administrators who specialize in Oracle Database, the most popular relational database management system in the world of enterprise IT. Oracle Dbas don’t differ from general database administrators besides having to stay on top of Oracle updates. Since most companies who use Oracle are mid-sized companies and large corporations, Oracle Dbas often work in a small team with other Oracle Dbas to maintain their employer’s customized database. They can find themselves employed in virtually any industry, as almost every company needs database management services. Oracle Dbas work in an office environment and maintain regular weekday hours.

Oracle Dbas typically start as database technicians before they have enough experience to become an Oracle Dba. As they work in a team environment, there is usually an Oracle Dba team leader. This team leader has managerial responsibilities. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for database administrators, which includes Oracle Dbas, is set to rise 11 percent through 2026.

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Oracle Dba Duties and Responsibilities

Building and maintaining a complex database for a large corporation involves many tasks. We researched Oracle Dba job descriptions to come up with the following list of core Oracle Dba responsibilities:

Install and Upgrade Oracle and Corresponding Application Tools

The primary responsibility of Oracle Dbas is installing and regularly upgrading the Oracle database software. This requires expertise in Oracle and its corresponding application tools.

Create Database Storage Structures

Oracle Dbas use database and coding knowledge to create database storage structures, known as tablespaces, that store the data of web applications. They are responsible for ensuring these structures are created with information security in mind.

Alter Database Structures as Needed

The function of a database is ever-evolving. Oracle Dbas make changes to database structures based on company needs.

Set up Database User Accounts

Oracle Dbas work with data analysts and others who use the data with secure user accounts. This requires training skills, as they must show each user how to access the information contained within the database.

Debug Malfunctioning Programs

When an application within an Oracle database malfunctions, Oracle Dbas come to the rescue. They use their Oracle expertise and knowledge of database management to find and address the cause of the malfunction.

Regularly Update Database Security

This is especially important for Oracle Dbas employed by the government, finance, or healthcare industries. As databases often contain sensitive information, Oracle Dbas have to have a consistent security update protocol.

Create Database Backups

Oracle Dbas create a backup of all the information in the database. They regularly maintain this backup and are responsible for restoring the database should the original data get lost or corrupted.

Oracle Dba Skills

Oracle Dba are experts in every aspect of the Oracle Software. They understand the theories and components that make the system function. They also need knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) to create and alter database structures. Oracle Dbas need a working knowledge of programming languages such as HTML and XML. Oracle Dbas are people who thrive in a collaborative environment; they rarely work independently. They are also problem-solvers who can maintain focus for long periods of time. In addition to these traits and areas of knowledge, Oracle Dbas need the following skills to get hired:

  • Designing databases using Oracle Software and knowledge of SQL
  • Testing database applications to ensure functionality
  • Collaborating with other Oracle Dbas to implement structures
  • Performing regular security updates to keep user data safe
  • Helping users to navigate and use database functions

Tools of the Trade Oracle Db

Oracle software – the relational database management system software favored by Oracle Dbas

Oracle Dba Education and Training

Oracle Dbas need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems management, or a related field to get a job. This education covers coursework in topics such as database construction, database management, programming languages, database security, and other similar topics. Oracle also offers several certifications that make Oracle Dbas more marketable. These certifications cover Oracle products in sub-fields, such as applications, enterprise management, operating systems, and databases.

Oracle Dba Salary

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for Oracle Dbas is $97,665. Those at the top of the scale make above $127,000, while those at the bottom of the scale make below $75,000.

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Oracle Dba Resources

If you have a passion for databases and see yourself working as an Oracle Dba, then check out the list of resources below for more information:


Also known as the Global Data Management Community, DAMA is one of the most respected organizations in the field of data management. It provides members with extensive educational resources, both through inperson workshops and digital content. It also offers a certified data management professional certification. While not specifically for Oracle Dbas, many join and find value in this organization.


This is the website of the company that produces the database software used by Oracle Dbas. It contains extensive information on all of its applications, as well as a blog updated regularly with articles covering industry trends. All the information and study material one needs to obtain an Oracle certification is available here.

Julian Dontcheff Database Blog

This blog is updated monthly with the very latest trends relevant to database administration. It focuses mostly on how the latest advancements in computing affect database administrators.

Oracle Database 12c DBA Handbook

Created by the people at Oracle, this book is the most authoritative source on everything an Oracle Dba needs to know to do their job effectively.

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