Help Desk Manager Job Description

Help Desk Managers ensure delivery of quality technical support for clients, as well as oversee the work of Help Desk staff. These clients are often internal peers who work for the same company, but they can also be external companies who have outsourced their technical support needs.

The role of Help Desk Manager is a supervisory position within the IT field. Most employers prefer a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Network Administration, as well as some experience working as a Help Desk Support Specialist. Help Desk Managers must be able to use both hard and soft skills to do their jobs effectively. They use technical knowledge to diagnose and address issues with networks, hardware and software. They also use soft skills like verbal communication, leadership and conflict management to effectively manage their team of employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for Computer Support Specialists, which includes Help Desk Managers, is set to rise 12 percent through 2024.

Help Desk Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Help Desk Managers have a wide range of responsibilities, as they must manage both technology and people. We read through several job descriptions for Help Desk Managers in order to put together the following list of core duties and responsibilities.

Connect Hardware and Install Software

Help Desk Managers are responsible for connecting all PCs, printers and any other devices to the network. They are also responsible for installing and updating all relevant software on said devices. This involves hard-wiring equipment, and then testing to ensure wireless connectivity.

Update Computers and Other Devices

Help Desk Managers are responsible for ensuring the network operating system, which is usually Windows, is always current with the latest updates. This involves creating an image of the updated operating system on one computer, and then disseminating that image to all other computers on the network.

Provide Technical Support

Help Desk Managers are responsible for providing the technical support that can’t be completed by their Help Desk Support Technicians. This usually involves critical issues, such as an application failing to load or severe hardware malfunctions.

Delegate Tasks to Help Desk Technicians

This duty is where the managerial aspect of being a Help Desk Manager comes into play. Help Desk Managers must be able to delegate tasks to their Technicians and motivate them to complete said tasks. This involves constantly training and mentoring Technicians to ensure their work exhibits consistent quality,

Diagnose and Repair Hardware, Software and Networks

The role of the Support Technician is to process issues as they are reported by users. It is the Help Desk Managers who look at trends to diagnose the root cause of said issues, and to formulate and execute a plan for repair. They then delegate tasks to their team of Support Technicians, and work together with them to fix the issue.

Help Desk Manager Skills

Help Desk Managers must cultivate a unique blend of hard and soft skills to effectively perform the abovementioned duties and responsibilities. It takes someone with extensive technical knowledge, as well as an outgoing and positive personality. Here’s a list of the skills Help Desk Managers use most.

Analytical Skills – Help Desk Managers use analytical skills to look at trends and figure out the root cause of issues with both hardware and software.

Problem Solving Skills – Help Desk Managers use problem solving skills to create and implement solutions for hardware and software issues. They also use problem solving skills to best utilize their team in fixing issues.

Communication Skills – Help Desk Managers spend a good portion of their day using communication skills. They have to be able to communicate effectively with users, and also have to be able to delegate tasks effectively to their team members.

Leadership Skills – Help Desk Managers use their leadership skills in their daily interactions with their team members. They exhibit leadership when they take ownership of a critical issue and rally their team to efficiently address the issue.

Information Technology Skills – Information Technology skills is an umbrella phrase that includes all kinds of technical skills used by Help Desk Managers. It includes skills as simple as the ability to hook up devices to a wireless network, and as complex as being able to fix advanced hardware and software issues.

Help Desk Manager Salary

According to, the national median salary for Help Desk Managers is $63,979. Those in the bottom 10 percent make below $41,000, while those in the top 10 percent make $94,000.

Help Desk Manager Education Requirements

Most employers desire Help Desk Managers with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, such as Network Administration. It is during this education that future Help Desk Managers learn the technical knowledge they’ll eventually use to set up and troubleshoot networks, update software and fix critical IT issues.

In addition to these educational requirements, many employers also prefer candidates to have their Security+ certification from CompTIA. Microsoft certifications are also preferred by many employers.

Help Desk Manager Resources

If you’re interested in a career as a Help Desk Manager, then read through the following resources. – CompTIA is the organization responsible for giving the Security+ certification test. This test is the globally recognized standard in the IT industry. – Microsoft offers several IT certifications in a variety of areas. Most certifications also have three levels of expertise, and these certificates are recognized throughout the industry. – This industry-leading blog covers all topics related to computers. It has a dedicated IT Management section that covers topics related to the duties of Help Desk Managers. – This is an excellent resource hub for anyone who works in IT. Their website displays posts from their network of blogs, and they also have a strong social media presence. – This is one of the leading blogs in the biztech space. Aspiring Help Desk Managers who want to work in the business sector will find this resource useful.


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