Python Developer Job Description

Python developers write and redesign programming scripts, application interfaces, and websites. Many types of businesses that maintain an online presence and a computer network hire Python developers for full- or part-time work, but these professionals can also work on an independent contractor basis. In-house Python developers normally work during daytime business hours as part of a collaborative team that reports to a team manager. However, Python developers can also work remotely from home and choose their own hours, as travel is unnecessary for this career.


Python Developer Duties and Responsibilities

Daily duties for Python developers vary based on the websites, applications, and programs used by the hiring company. However, these main responsibilities are the same across all businesses and industries:

Maintain Existing Programs

Python developers maintain existing programs and apps used by the company, troubleshooting to spot potential problems and ensuring they continue to function smoothly.

Write New Programs

Python developers write new programs and applications to streamline business functions and increase productivity company-wide.

Reprogram Databases

Python developers reprogram existing databases to increase functionality and data capacity.

Manage Online Pages

Python developers streamline web portals by writing new programs in addition to designing and maintaining websites.

Manage Servers

Python developers manage and maintain company servers to keep them functioning efficiently across the network.

Design Marketing Programs

Python developers design programs for marketing campaigns, including promotional emails and web applications.

Create Online Tools

Python developers create digital tools and applications to monitor online traffic and maximize the customer experience on web pages.


Python Developer Skills and Qualifications

Python developers are programmers who understand multiple computer languages and analyze existing programs and applications to find potential improvements and spot problems. Employers prefer Python developers who display the following skills:

  • Programming – Python developers know how to write in multiple computer languages, including flash, Java, C++, and SQL, which requires excellent programming skills
  • Communication skills – Python developers need strong verbal communication skills to work with other members of the programming team and participate in a collaborative environment
  • Analytical ability – because Python developers analyze programs and apps to improve their functionality, these professionals have strong analytical skills and critical thinking abilities
  • Problem-solving skills – Python developers use their problem-solving skills to fix potential problems in computer programs and apps and to streamline web functions
  • Attention to detail – Python developers look at the code for websites, applications, and other computer functions, so these professionals are highly detail-oriented and able to spot even the smallest errors or incorrect code


Python Developer Education and Training

At minimum, employers require Python developers to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline. Additional education, such as a master’s degree, can help candidates stand out above other job seekers. Many employers also require Python developers to have past work experience in software engineering. However, additional education can suffice for work history in the eyes of most employers.

Upon being hired, Python developers undergo an on-the-job training period that varies by company. During this time, Python developers work closely with a team manager or a senior member of the programming team to get a better understanding of the company’s computer programs, goals, and needs.


Python Developer Salary and Outlook

Computer programmers earn a median annual salary of $79,840, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Computer programmers, like Python developers, write code for computer applications and programs. Python developers are a specialized branch of computer programmers. BLS projections predict that jobs for computer programmers will decrease 7 percent through 2026.

Python developers who work as full-time, in-house staff receive full benefits packages that include healthcare with dental and vision insurance coverage. These packages also offer retirement and life insurance benefits. Vacation days and sick days come standard for full-time staffers. Some companies also offer additional incentives, such as monetary bonuses for meeting or exceeding programming goals, free meals, and continuing education reimbursement. Part-time Python developers, independent contractors, and remote workers typically receive fewer benefits, or no benefits at all, and are responsible for their own healthcare, retirement, and vacation needs.


Helpful Resources

Use these books and websites to find job and networking opportunities, learn programming tips and strategies, and discover ways to advance as a professional Python developer:

The Python Standard Library by Example – use this book to learn practical code for working with Python and discover strategies and techniques for successful programming using the internet, algorithms, and other useful tools

Python Software Foundation – the Python Software Foundation is made for all professionals who work with Python. Visit the site to find guides, forums, helpful downloads, news updates, and information about upcoming networking events for Python programming professionals

Python for the Busy Java Developer: The Language, Syntax, and Ecosystem – learn Python with this guidebook, which covers the core fundamentals of programming with Python, using the syntax, and implementing Python into computer programs, applications, and websites

National Association of Programmers – all programmers can benefit from this website, which offers information about certification programs and upcoming events, as well as articles written specifically for programmers

Artificial Intelligence with Python: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Intelligent Apps for Python Beginners and Developers – read this book to learn more about creating applications with Python through examples, techniques, and strategies designed for Python developers


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