Salon Manager Job Description

Carefully overseeing all areas of salon operations, a salon manager’s role is to ensure that their business is performing at or above standard. Individuals with an upbeat personality who work well under pressure and have a passion for team success will thrive in this job. Salon managers create an environment focused on providing the best service to each and every client. To do this they lead by example, recruit and train staff, promote marketing specials, identify areas for improvement, and keep their eye on numbers that measure team productivity. Salon managers work flexible full-time schedules that include evenings and weekends. They usually report directly a salon’s general manager or CEO and are held accountable for yearly, quarterly, and biweekly objectives; weekly calls; and periodic site visits.


Salon Manager Duties and Responsibilities


Salon Manager
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Participating in assignment allocation, managing employees and creating work schedules.

Demonstrating competencies of a high standard of customer service related to the salon industry at ULTA standard.

Identifying competent talent for salon professionals including finding the right resource.

Ensuring compliance of salon sanitation and cleanliness with company’s common policies and standard.

Salon managers work in a variety of establishments. Specific duties and responsibilities may vary, but there are several core tasks associated with the job, including:

Manage the Salon

Salon managers lead, monitor, and analyze the daily operations of the salon establishment under their care. They are responsible for sustaining a healthy, positive team environment, and ensuring that service operations are delivered smoothly. Salon managers also handle employee scheduling to ensure there are enough service providers to meet customer demand.

Lead Employees to Success

It’s the job of salon managers to cultivate a quality team and maximize their staff’s potential. Salon managers set individual team member goals and objectives. They make sure that staff adhere to company policies and procedures. They monitor staff performance and provide guidance for growth.

Perform Salon Services

Salon managers provide a full range of the services offered by their salon, including cutting, styling, waxing, or whatever is offered. They lead by example, giving customers service of the highest quality while keeping an eye on overall operations.

Recruit and Train Staff

Salon managers are responsible for recruiting and fully staffing their salons. Hiring and training new team members are key duties for salon managers. They identify strengths and weaknesses in personnel needs and help develop their skills.

Market the Salon and Build Clientele

Salon managers take charge of quickly building a salon’s client base. Their goal is to encourage customer retention and increase repeat visits from patrons. These leaders track and review client retention data and adjust the company’s service strategy as necessary. Salon managers implement marketing activities and carry out a promotional calendar to increase sales productivity.


Salon Manager Skills and Qualifications

Professional Skills

Highly experienced in the management of salon activities as per state regulations

Operational knowledge of merchandising, sales, and marketing related to the salon environment

Solid understanding of business and management procedures associated with leadership technique, resource allocation among others

Familiarity with geometry, arithmetic, statistics and other principles

Team-oriented people with positive, upbeat demeanors and a passion for quality service succeed as salon managers. Employers typically seek candidates with licensure in their specific salon service and a minimum of two years of management experience. Employers also look for the following skills:

  • Employee management – recruitment, training, development, motivation, and retention are all crucial employee leadership skills salon managers must use
  • Delegation – salon managers delegate tasks and responsibility to their staff in order to achieve specific productivity objectives
  • Administrative skills – successful salon managers allocate available resources to help increase sales revenue in services and retail
  • Report analysis – reviewing performance data (financial, sales, and activity levels) is important for sales managers who are responsible for monitoring goal progress and team productivity
  • Strategic planning – salon managers drive service and retail sales through a defined strategic plan they execute to create an exceptional guest experience
  • Computer skills – a basic understanding of the internet, printers, phones, and customer management software and apps are needed to digitally manage a modern salon
  • Interpersonal skills – salon managers need superb communication skills to relate to a wide range of people and effectively manage stylists
  • Leadership skills – leadership skills are needed to inspire, train, and develop a highly engaged and focused salon service team


Salon Manager Education and Training

A high school diploma and state licensure in cosmetology or relevant salon services is required for most positions. Employers look for salon managers with at least one year of management experience and two years of salon experience. Candidates with previous sales coaching or retail experience are even more attractive.


Salon Manager Salary and Outlook

The median annual salary for salon managers is listed as $37,450, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which categorizes salon managers as first-line supervisors of personal service workers. Workers in the lowest 10 percent earn $23,240, while the highest 10 percent earn $62,430. The BLS has predicted a job growth rate of 15 percent through 2026, which is much faster than average. The industry is expected to add 40,300 salon manager jobs during this time.

Many salon managers who work full time get a base salary plus competitive pay and monthly bonuses for meeting overall performance objectives. They also receive health benefits with optional dental and vision benefits.


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