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Business office managers work in small businesses, corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. Business office managers play a vital role in both the operational and managerial sides of an organization. Multitaskers who shine in a team-based environment and have strong supervisory skills and years of office experience are preferred by employers. Discretion is significant in this position because business office managers are frequently exposed to confidential information in the performance of their duties. Because human resources is one of their main areas of responsibility, business office managers with knowledge of state and federal labor and employment practices are often sought by hiring organizations.

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Business Office Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties under a business office manager’s domain fall into four main categories: clerical and administrative, organizational, supervisory, and human resources. Some of the core responsibilities associated with these categories are listed below:

Oversee Human Resources

To ensure that the company has adequate staff to provide continuous coverage and excellent service in the administrative areas, business office managers interview, hire, and train new staff, and also provide professional development.

Facilitate Payroll

Business office managers make sure that employees receive their pay on time and that it is accurate through data entry, processing hours, and distributing checks.

Monitor Accounts Receivable

The efficient flow of revenue is necessary to keep the company running, and business office managers aid in this process by monitoring and managing the accounts receivable collection process.

Maintain Financial Records

To maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, business office managers accurately maintain financial ledgers according to regulatory standards.

Manage Inventory

Business office managers ensure that office staff have the necessary tools to perform their jobs by ordering and tracking office supplies.

Business Office Manager Skills and Qualifications

The best business office manager candidates have excellent interpersonal and leadership skills. A minimum of an associate’s degree and prior supervisory experience are preferred, as are the following skills and qualifications:

  • Analytical thinking - reports must be analyzed to help identify any issues that might affect business operations
  • Customer service - business office managers work with internal and external customers; to help retain current customers and attract new ones, they must provide a superior customer experience
  • Accounting - having knowledge of and understanding accounting principles is necessary for business office managers to perform their bookkeeping and banking duties
  • Computer skills - the business office manager uses Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint daily to write and generate reports, save data, email clients and customers, and create presentations for staff meetings
  • Organization skills - good organization skills help business office managers be more efficient and effective with their records management tasks

Business Office Manager Education and Training

Most employers seek candidates who have an associate’s degree in a business or related field, with a preference for those with bachelor’s degrees. Two years of office experience is required, and past supervisory or management experience is preferred.

Business Office Manager Salary and Outlook

Salary for business office managers is based on experience and ranges from $35,000 to $68,000, with an average salary of $49,000.

The job outlook for business office managers is slated for average growth through 2024, increasing by 8 percent.

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Helpful Resources

We’ve compiled a list of resources that can help lead the way to becoming a business office manager:

The First-Time Manager

authors Loren Belker, Jim McCormick, and Gary Topchik provide an excellent resource for novice managers. They help eliminate the need for trialanderror learning that most new managers face, offering wise advice to help firsttime managers succeed. Some of the topics covered in the book include hiring and firing, employee engagement, improving outcomes, time management, motivation, and leadership

Becoming a Successful Manager

J. Robert Parkinson, PhD, and Gary Grossman use academic research and reallife experience to aid readers in the transition to the manager role. The book expounds on topics such as the evolution of the manager role, technology and changes, and corporate culture and expectations. The authors use practical exercises and thoughtful questions to teach readers how to successfully manage others

Office Managers Association of Health Care Providers

OMA was founded to assist office managers who work for healthcare providers. Its mission is to improve and promote the improvement of the knowledge of healthcare office managers, provide networking channels for healthcare providers and among facilities, provide opportunities for continued education, and increase awareness of and monitoring of proposed legislation that may affect the healthcare profession

The Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals

established to promote professional and career development and advancement, AEAP uses an array of benefits to accomplish its mission. These benefits include a member online network directory, job search services, monthly newsletters, and educational opportunities such as conferences, seminars, publications, and home study courses

First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently

author Jim Harter, PhD, uses a Gallup study of over 80,000 of the best managers to show what sets them apart from average managers. In addition to these findings, Harter includes performance and career lessons that are essential for a manager's success, with suggestions on how to effectively apply them

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