Investment Banking Analyst Job Description

Investment Banking Analysts spend their days reviewing and analyzing investment banking transactions, creating presentations and offering guidance and advice to investment bankers and senior staff. They are also called upon to perform administrative duties and meet with clients.

Investment Banking Analysts generally work as part of an investment banking team, typically reporting to an investment banker. The financial analyst sector, which includes Investment Banking Analysts, is expected to grow 12 percent through 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports This will add an estimated 32,300 jobs during this period.


Investment Banking Analyst Duties and Responsibilities


Investment Banker
August 2014 - Present

Paulson Investment Company LLC

Performed direct interface with vendors, clients, and regional HUD and USDA offices to develop business.

Examined and interpreted complex numerical information.

Forecasted financial risks and returns and provide investment recommendations.

Coordinated with accountants and financial experts, and prepared legal documents.

The company an Investment Banking Analyst works for will greatly determine their duties and responsibilities. There are, however, several common primary duties nearly all Investment Banking Analysts can expect to perform. A review of current job listings identified the following core responsibilities.

Review and Analyze Financial Data

A main responsibility of an Investment Banking Analyst is to review and analyze data for investment banking portfolios. Their assessment of transactions and financial areas, such as the performance of stocks and bonds, as well as credit trends allow them to make informed recommendations to investment bankers. While they are not responsible for making the ultimate decision in investments they do conduct the research and provide the data that aids in the decision-making process.

Present Findings

Investment Banking Analysts should be comfortable both producing and giving presentations. These may be informal presentations within the investment banking group, or they may be more formal affairs designed to educate or persuade clients. Investment Banking Analysts will also be expected to compile reports using spreadsheets and other financial software programs.

Perform Administrative Duties

The Investment Banking Analyst is also called upon to carry out administrative tasks that keep the investment banking group operating smoothly. They may book conference rooms, arrange meetings, work with a print shop to have reports and materials generated and any other similar tasks asked of them.


Investment Banking Analyst Skills

Professional Skills

Strong experience in investment banking

Sound knowledge of real-estate investment banking

Profound knowledge of investments and investment strategies

Proficient in MS Office

Successful Investment Banking Analysts are ambitious, dedicated workers. They are self-motivated analytical thinkers. In addition to these traits, employers look for candidates with the following skills.

Core skills: Based on job listings we looked at, employers want Investment Banking Analysts with these core skills. If you want to work as an Investment Banking Analyst, focus on the following.

  • Researching, analyzing and interpreting financial data
  • Collaborating with colleagues
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs, especially Excel
  • Understanding financial markets and trends

Advanced skills: While most employers did not require the following skills, multiple job listings included them as preferred. Add these to your skill set and broaden your career options.

  • Prior experience in investment banking
  • Proficient with financial modeling software
  • Investment banking licensing, such as Series 79 and Series 63


Investment Banking Analyst Resources

There are more helpful resources available on the Web for those interested in becoming Investment Banking Analysts. We scoured the internet and found these links full of learning opportunities and the latest industry news.

On the Web

The Prospectus – Wall Street Prep, is an educational company offering services to those interested in working in finance and investment careers. Their blog contains “musings on financial modeling and investment banking.”

IBankingFAQ – This site is full of information about careers in investment banking. From the frequently asked questions to the many links and resources, this is a great site for learning more about Investment Banking Analysis.

Investment Banking Analyst Books

The Best Book on Investment Banking Careers – Donna Khalife shares an insider’s prospective on how to break into the investment banking world in this eBook.

Financial Modeling – This text is a wonderful resource for anyone who expects to create financial models in Microsoft Excel.


@investbankers – Maintained by, this feed provides the latest news, trends, research, analysis and job opportunities on investment bankers

@whatinvestment – This Twitter feed is managed by the UK publication, What Investment and provides daily information about the investment and financial markets.

Industry Groups

National Investment Banking Association – Founded in 1982, NIBA provides investment banking professionals with networking opportunities, conferences, and resources. Their site includes a blog with the latest industry news.

Certified International Investment Analyst – The ACIIA was established in 2000 and represents over 100,000 analysts, investment advisers, and portfolio managers worldwide. They offer educational programs, conferences and other resources to their members.


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