Team Coordinator Job Description


Team Coordinators use motivation and management to lead their groups to better performance. They come up with challenging, yet obtainable, goals and take responsibility for their charges meeting these objectives. Concerned with output, Team Coordinators strive for efficiency without sacrificing quality. They aim to keep everyone on the same page and moving along without incident.

Effective Team Coordinators are frequently described as accessible and constructive. They are available to their teams and capable of providing guidance and information. Team Coordinators often report to Team Leaders and perform duties assigned by them. Some of these responsibilities are administrative, such as scheduling meetings and creating agendas. Team Coordinators find employment in various industries that depend on teams to get things done, including manufacturing, customer service, healthcare and education.

Team Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Team Coordinators are charged with getting the most out of their assigned group. As the job’s name implies, they coordinate individual efforts so that the team can reach its full potential. From our analysis of several job listings, some of the main duties Team Coordinators need to perform to accomplish this goal include:


Team Coordinators maintain central calendars. By doing so, they promote effective use of time and keep everyone informed on what is going on daily and in the future.


Team Coordinators look at what needs to be done and assign tasks to group members. They may juggle multiple obligations simultaneously, thus creating the need to prioritize and carefully monitor time. Factors such as budget, individual strengths and directives from higher-ups can influence how Team Coordinators make managerial decisions. Understanding the details of projects and communicating what needs to be done as clearly as possible to the staff is of the utmost importance.


When new team members come aboard, Team Coordinators oversee their training either directly or through reports from appointed others. They take a special interest in helping new employees understand their position and work to make them feel included and important.


Whether tasks are dull, difficult or somewhere in between, Team Coordinators spur the people on their team to do their best and keep going. Top-notch Team Coordinators show others the importance of their work to the company’s overall success. They may use tactics such as friendly competitions among workers, individual goal setting and rewards for performance to boost morale.

Maintaining Harmony

Tension lowers morale and decreases performance. When problems arise between team members, Team Coordinators assist with a resolution to get everyone back on track.

Reporting to Others

Team Coordinators may be called upon to provide written or oral reports on specific individuals as well as the group. They may update the status of projects, bring up obstacles and document accomplishments. As noted earlier, Team Coordinators work closely with Team Leaders to keep projects flowing smoothly.


Team Coordinator Skills

Part cheerleader, part manager, a good Team Coordinator knows how to rally the troops to get things done while also having the organizational skills to keep projects flowing harmoniously from start to finish. Hiring managers searching for a new Team Coordinator love to see candidates with the following demonstrated abilities:

  • Coordinating efforts of staff to yield maximum productivity
  • Managing time effectively so that deadlines get met
  • Communicating clearly in order for everyone to know exactly what they should be doing
  • Providing feedback promptly
  • Encouraging morale and each employee’s importance to overall goals
  • Spurring people to take pride in their work and aim for greatness


Tools of the trade

As motivators and planners, Team Coordinators use a variety of tools. Among the most common are:

  • Computers – For basic office tasks and email communication
  • Calendars – Keeping track of meetings, deadlines, progress checkpoints in a central place enables projects to run smoothly and everyone involved to have a common point of reference
  • Agendas – Outlines of what needs to be covered during meetings
  • Goals – Formal ways to measure output and progress, often stated in terms of a quantity


Team Coordinator Education and Training

Team Coordinators tend to be college graduates. Many hold degrees in management or communications. Companies often promote from within when filling a Team Coordinator position so that the person already has familiarity with the organization, its goals and its employees.


Team Coordinator Resources

When you’re the one in charge of motivating and coordinating others, it pays to have resources that can inspire you! These three books can help you perfect the skills necessary to forge a great career as a Team Coordinator:

The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork: Embrace Them and Empower Your Team by John C. Maxwell – Maxwell, a New York Times bestselling author and nationally acclaimed leadership expert, shares advice in a practical, down-to-earth manner in this popular book. Readers call it “succinct” and “applicable” and praise the reflection it inspires.

A Team of Leaders: Empowering Every Member to Take Ownership, Demonstrate Initiative and Deliver Results by Paul Gustavson and Stewart Liff — “A business book that I can immediately apply to my work” and “a how-to guide to delivering results” are two of the descriptions reviewers use when commending this book. Anyone who could use help inspiring, engaging and empowering team members is bound to find it a useful read.

Time Management Magic by Lee Cockerell – When you’re charged with leading a team of 40,000 Cast Members (employees) as Senior Operating Executive of Walt Disney World Resort, you must know a thing or two about time management! Cockerell shares his practical knowledge about creating systems that work and the planning and self-discipline that goes into them.


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