Service Coordinator Job Description

What is a Service Coordinator?

Service coordinators are members of an organization’s management team who work to match clients with appropriate services. They can work in a wide array of industries, including energy and utilities, construction, durable goods, chemicals, healthcare, and transportation. Essentially, if a company provides services to businesses or customers, then it can benefit from employing a service coordinator. Service coordinators typically spend part of their time in an office environment and part of their time in the field meeting with clients.


Service Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

To ensure that their company’s clients are matched and provided with the right services for them, service coordinators perform a variety of tasks. Core duties and responsibilities include:

Monitor Services

First and foremost, service coordinators must be intimately familiar with the services their company (or third-party vendors) provides. This means they must regularly check what services are being provided, staying updated on which services are being introduced or discontinued.

Improve Services

An ongoing part of a service coordinator’s job is improving services. They accomplish this by evaluating the quality of their company’s current services and identifying areas which are underperforming. Then, they propose ways to improve those areas.

Match Clients to Services

In order to match clients to the appropriate services, service coordinators first evaluate their clients’ needs. This may involve asking them questions and/or meeting with them in person. Based on their evaluation of their clients’ needs, they will match the client with the service or services that best suit the clients’ needs.


After matching their clients with the best services for them, service coordinators follow-up with their clients at regular intervals. During those follow-ups, they assess their clients’ satisfaction with the services they’ve been provided.

Resolve Client Issues

If at any point in time, their clients’ become dissatisfied with the services they’ve been matched with, it’s the responsibility of the service coordinators to listen to and respond to clients’ complaints. They then must resolve those complaints or, if they can’t be resolved, match dissatisfied clients to new services better suited to their needs.


Service Coordinator Skills

Successful service coordinators are results-oriented individuals who are committed to providing the best possible services to their clients. They’re adept at addressing client needs and are comfortable securing the services of qualified vendors if needed. In addition to these general skills and personality traits, employers are looking for service coordinators with the following qualifications:

  • Communication skills – since a large part of their job involves communicating with both clients and third-party vendors, it’s essential that service coordinators have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail – in order to ensure that as many of their clients’ needs are met as possible, service coordinators must be able to pay attention to and keep track of even the smallest of details
  • Organizational skills – as service coordinators are responsible for matching an array of services to a wide pool of clients, they must be able to remain highly organized at all times
  • Record-keeping skills – as an ongoing part of their job, service coordinators must keep detailed records of their clients, the services they’ve been matched with and each client’s satisfaction with their services
  • Analytical skills – a primary aspect of service coordinators’ job is analyzing client needs and problems, as such, they need strong analytical skills and must be able to form comprehensive solutions to the situations they’ve analyzed


Service Coordinator Tools of the Trade

In order to accomplish their daily goals, service coordinators use a variety of tools. Service coordinators should be familiar with the following:

  • Recent version of Microsoft Office software suite – many of the programs included in Microsoft Office, such as Excel and Word, are useful to service coordinators
  • Standard office equipment – service coordinators have to know how to use standard office equipment such as computers, printers, and copiers
  • Telecommunications equipment – to frequently communicate with vendors, colleagues, and clients, service coordinators must be able to use telecommunications equipment, such as telephones (land and cell) and fax machines
  • Various types of software – to complete their job duties as efficiently as possible, service coordinators are usually required to use various software programs. These can include client management programs and service databases


Service Coordinator Salary

The salary of service coordinators can vary greatly depending on the industry they work in. Here, we’ll look at service coordinators in the healthcare industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health services managers, which includes service coordinators, make a median annual salary of $96,540. The lowest paid earn $56,970 per year or less, while the highest paid earn $172,240 per year or more. Service coordinators in the District of Columbia, New York, and California enjoy the highest median annual wage in the United States, earning $124,130, $118,070, and $115,830 per year respectively.


Service Coordinator Resources

Here is a list of helpful resources that provide the latest industry news, learning opportunities, and more information to those interested in becoming a service coordinator:

Service Coordinator Network – With more than 2,000 members, this LinkedIn group is a great place to have one-on-one discussions with fellow service coordinators as well as share insights and ask/answer questions.

American Association of Service Coordinators – This professional association specifically caters to service coordinators who work for housing programs, assisted living homes, or healthcare facilities.

Developing Management Skills – While not geared only to service coordinators, this book can be immensely helpful to service coordinators who are looking to improve their management skills.

Service Management Operations, Strategy, Information Technology – For those seeking to work in or advance in a service industry, this book, “balancing conceptual and applied coverage of all aspects of the management and operation of services,” is one of the most comprehensive introductions to service management.

Emotional Value: Creating Strong Bonds with Your Customers – Lead the competition by learning how to add emotional value to clients’ experiences.


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