General Labourer Cover Letter

General Labourers provide assistance to skilled workers and take part to construction projects. No formal education is required for this job, but the ideal candidate needs to be hardworking and physically fit. Job duties one may expect at this job include: preparing and cleaning job sites, building temporary structures, loading and unloading materials, following supervisor instructions, directing diverted traffic, removing debris, operating heavy equipment, and maintaining tools and machines.

Employers select cover letters displaying the following General Labourer skills and qualifications:

  • Physical strength and stamina
  • The ability to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Good eye-hand coordination
  • Effective communication
  • Teamwork
  • Reliability and time management
  • Basic computer skills

The cover letter example provided right below mentions comparable General Labourer abilities and experience.

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Dear Mr. Gomez:

When I heard of your crew’s need for a new General Labourer, I decided to send along my resume for your review. With extensive experience providing physical labor and on-site support to facilitate structural construction and demolition, I am prepared to make an immediate contribution to the success of your team.

From loading and unloading materials and preparing job sites to adhering to safety guidelines and operating heavy equipment and power tools, I excel at prioritizing tasks, collaborating with contractors and fellow crew members, and working efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision. For the past 16 years I have excelled as a crew member with the City of Kensington, erecting temporary structures, delivering materials, leveling earth, clearing debris and trash, and complying with regulations. Furthermore, I have a near-perfect attendance record, the ability to work effectively and collaboratively with team members, and the capacity to bear environmental exposures to cold and heat while conveying up to 50 pounds at a time. These skills, coupled with excellent communication and time management abilities, are sure to make me an immediate asset to your team.

My strong experience delivering hands-on support to construction and demolition projects are proven, and I am confident my additional strengths will make a positive impact on your company. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Omar E. Drucker

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