High School Art Teacher Cover Letter Examples

High School Art Teachers educate students in artistic techniques, mediums, art history, and art appreciation. Along with skills in handling regular teaching duties such as lesson planning and grading, High School Art Teachers also need to be able to support their students in uncovering their creative potential and exploring their talents. Often, this role also includes responsibility for personally mentoring students hoping to pursue advanced degrees and/or careers in the art world.

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Free High School Art Teacher cover letter example

Dear Mr. Gomez:

As an enthusiastic, creative, and motivational teacher with nine years of excellent experience in skills instruction and art appreciation, I am eager to send along my resume for your review. With my credentials and my teaching background, I am well positioned to leverage my abilities and qualifications to thrive as Riverdale High School’s next Art Teacher.

I possess solid experience in art instruction, talent cultivation, and student work exhibitions amassed during the past nine years in which I have taught at Commonwealth High School. Aside from skillfully performing the more routine tasks associated with teaching’such as course planning, project grading, and material preparation—I am adept at encouraging artistic expression from students and mentoring them to achieve their full creative potential. Furthermore, I excel at building strong student relationships, acting as a teacher, advisor, and role model and earning continual recognition from students for my dedication and teaching excellence.

Highlights of my experience include…

Achieving my MFA in Visual Arts and teaching high school students in subjects including drawing, painting, ceramics, graphic design, and art history; licensed to teach in the state of California.

Selecting curricula, developing lesson plans, collaborating with students on projects, grading efforts, and evaluating student performances.

Mentoring multiple students to prepare for degrees in Fine Arts as they prepared to transition to college, helping them to tap into hidden potential and gain confidence.

Developing challenging projects and lessons to stimulate artistic growth and creative thinking.

Creating and maintaining displays of student artwork throughout the year across the school.

Demonstrating outstanding communication, organization, and critical thinking skills.

With my proven ability to teach high school students in a variety of art techniques and mediums, I am more than prepared to provide outstanding art instruction at Riverdale High School. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you further.

Thank you for your consideration.


Rosemary E. Crosby

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Include These High School Art Teacher Skills

  • Course development/lesson planning
  • Assignments/projects/grading
  • Studio art room supplies/management
  • Drawing, painting, ceramics, graphic design
  • Art history and appreciation
  • Student mentoring and advising
  • Student exhibitions
  • Student/parent/staff relationships

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