Special Education Assistant Cover Letter

Special Education Assistants are responsible for instructing students with special needs. Teaching duties of these professionals include preparing materials for lesson, delivering lessons, assigning work, maintaining attendance and grade records, and tailoring lessons to the needs of every student. Moreover, they may also be required to assist students with eating, moving from one class to another, using the bathroom, or riding the bus.

Those interested in a Special Education Assistant position should be able to demonstrate the following skills and abilities throughout their cover letters:

  • Special education expertise
  • Instruction skills
  • Patience
  • Being able to communicate effectively to students with special needs
  • Stamina and physical fitness
  • Computer competences
  • First aid knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Organization and planning
  • Attention to details
  • Supervisory skills

Similar job skills and experience can be seen in the cover letter sample provided below.

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Dear Ms. Streeter:

As a skilled and enthusiastic emerging special education teacher with experience planning and supporting engaging activities and curriculum for diverse students, it is my pleasure to submit the enclosed resume for your review. My background, communication strengths, and passion for special education positions me to significantly impact your school as your next Special Education Assistant.

With my recent Bachelor’s degree in Teaching with a special focus on Special Education, my acquired knowledge and skill set are sure to render me an asset to your school. I am prepared to excel in this position, allowing me to support teachers in working with students facing a range of academic and personal challenges. Through substantive practicum and internship roles, I have honed my ability to help with assignments, track student progress, customize activities, and prepare lesson plans in conjunction with lead teachers. Furthermore, I possess the creativity, presentation, and motivational skills required to thrive in this role and make a strong contribution to the learning experience of your special education students.

Highlights of my qualifications include…

  • Working with individual and small groups of students to offer extra support and guidance, reinforcing new concepts and ensuring thorough comprehension of the materials to enable academic progression and minimize delays.
  • Assisting—as directed by certified lead teacher—in successfully encouraging and supporting students with special needs in integrated classroom settings as determined by IEP/Title 1.
  • Building and sustaining strong student relationships, encouraging student queries, comments, and concerns and laying the foundation for a dynamic and exciting classroom environment.
  • Keeping an unwavering focus on maintaining a safe, supportive, empathic, and encouraging learning environment for struggling students.
  • Demonstrating excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership talents, as well as a caring and patient personality.

With my experience and credentials, I am more than prepared to dedicate myself to the highest standards of special education learning at your school and exceed your expectations for this position. I look forward to discussing my qualifications in detail.

Thank you for your consideration.

Helen D. Lofton

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