Surgeon Cover Letter

Surgeon Cover Letter

Surgeons treat patients by performing surgical operations on them. These healthcare professionals are specialized in a specific area, such as trauma, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, or pediatric surgery. Typical work responsibilities of a Surgeon are discussing course of action with patients, answering to patient inquiries, explaining procedures, ordering tests, collaborating with other healthcare professionals, carrying out ward rounds, and transmitting patient information to GPs.

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Include These Surgeon Skills

  • Surgery expertise
  • Clinical skills
  • Being able to stay calm in case of emergency
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership
  • Excellent practical skills and eye-to-hand coordination
  • Effective communication
  • Bedside manners and empathy

Comparable skills and abilities can be seen on the Surgeon cover letter example provided just below.

Dear Dr. Trombley:

As I look to progress in my career and step into a new opportunity, I felt compelled to send you my enclosed CV detailing my experience and credentials in response to your search for a seasoned Surgeon to join your team. As an educated, patient-centric, and highly skilled general surgeon, I am confident in my ability to make a significant impact in this capacity.

My background includes 17+ years of excellent experience performing both planned and emergency surgeries to diagnose and repair internal issues. With solid team collaboration and communication skills, along with dedication to providing optimal patient care, I am positioned to excel in this role as your next Surgeon.

Highlights of my experience and qualifications include the following:

Performing intricate surgical procedures on 500+ patients throughout my career, encompassing General and Obstetric/Gynecologic while effectively managing the operating theatre.

Working communicatively and respectfully with other cross-functional professionals in the OR, including anesthesiologists, nurses, cardiologists, and fellow surgeons.

Ensuring comprehensive education of all medical staff on up-to-date medical safety guidelines and HIPAA requirements.

Counseled vulnerable groups as well as distressed patients, addressing various physical and emotional health care issues to alleviate anxieties and effectively respond to all questions and concerns.

Completing an extensive list of internships and residency (please see my attached CV for details).

Possessing outstanding interpersonal skills to foster a cohesive and collaborative team environment and maintain healthy relationships with peers, patients, and staff.

With my surgical expertise, along with my commitment to superior patient care, I am prepared to exceed your expectations in this challenging position and I look forward to discussing this opportunity in further detail. Thank you for your time.


Louise C. Stinson, M.D.