Dialysis Patient Care Technician Cover Letter Examples

Dialysis patient care technicians deliver dialysis treatment to patients suffering from advanced kidney disease. Typical responsibilities held in this position include preparing and disinfecting equipment, placing EKG leads, collecting patient vitals, documenting treatments and patient responses, and reporting to supervising RNs regarding any changes or adverse reactions from patients. Basic nursing expertise and advanced medical training are required for this role, and strong communication, compassion, and interpersonal skills are highly advantageous.

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Free Dialysis Patient Care Technician cover letter example

Dear Ms. Schuman:

Upon review of your posting for a dialysis patient care technician, I felt compelled to submit my resume detailing my experience and credentials for your consideration. With comprehensive experience with dialysis equipment, systems, and treatment, along with my proven expertise in patient care and service, I feel confident that I would significantly benefit your team in this role.

My background spans more than 12 years of outstanding experience as a dialysis technician with St. Matthew Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. From preparing and maintaining dialysis machines and assembling equipment to adjusting blood flow rates and recording patient data, I have proven myself adept at performing comprehensive dialysis tasks to ensure superior care for those suffering from advanced kidney disease. Furthermore, my talent for putting patients at ease and my ability to collaborate with fellow team members position me to make a substantial impact in this role.

Highlights of my background include:

Ability to provide comprehensive technical and clinical support, leveraging extensive experience and vast knowledge base to drive dialysis delivery and treatment under the supervision of RNs

Collecting and recording patient vitals (both pre- and post-dialysis), assembling dialysis extracorporeal circuits and tubing, disinfecting equipment and machines, preparing dialysates, monitoring patients during treatment, documenting treatments on dialysis flow charts, and reporting any unusual results or reactions to RNs immediately

Reviewing lab work, performing patient assessments, and obtaining feedback and guidance from physicians and nurses when patient levels passed out of acceptable ranges for ESRD patients

Complying with all established and industry-regulated guidelines and best practices, including dialysis water treatment and dialysis delivery systems procedures

Associate’s degree in nursing as well as distinction as a certified clinical hemodialysis technician

Superior team collaboration, interpersonal, and relationship building and management skills

With in-depth experience with dialysis equipment and treatment, coupled with my strong commitment to patient care excellence, I believe I could quickly surpass your expectations for this role. I look forward to discussing the position in further detail.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tammy J. Evans

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Include These Dialysis Patient Care Technician Skills

  • Dialysis delivery and treatment
  • Equipment and machine assembly, disinfecting, and maintenance
  • Extracorporeal circuits and tubing
  • Dialysates preparation
  • Vital recording and patient monitoring
  • Dialysis flow charts and patient records
  • Health assessment and lab work analysis
  • Compliance and best practices
  • Ultra-filtration calculations and adjustments
  • Patient care excellence
  • Physician and RN communications
  • Patient relationship building and maintenance
  • Team collaboration

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