Judicial Law Clerk Cover Letter

Judicial Law Clerks are responsible for performing a wide variety of activities on a daily basis, depending on the type of court they work within and the judge who serves as their supervisor. Assisting the judge in working as efficiently as possible — under mountainous workloads and incomprehensible deadlines — is the primary duty of a Judicial Law Clerk. The majority of tasks undertaken by the clerk require prior legal training such as legal research and analysis; drafting legal opinions, preparing court-related memoranda and briefing the judge in regards to various legal issues.

The following skills and qualifications are often found in example cover letters for Judicial Law Clerks:

  • Assisting with courtroom proceedings
  • Tracking court rosters and other relevant matters
  • Serving as a liaison between judges and attorneys
  • Scheduling hearings and trials
  • Researching various legal issues related to cases before the court
  • Assembling and updating judges’ law libraries

Below is an example of a cover letter that details relevant abilities and work experience for a Judicial Law Clerk.

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Dear Judge Randolph Crowley:

I am offering my resume for the position of Judicial Law Clerk. Due to my successful service and exemplary work ethic as law clerk for nine judges over the past 18 years, I believe that I am the perfect person to serve as your lead clerk.

My professional experience includes working for various judges in the municipal and state court for terms of up to two years each. In addition, I have worked as a senior law clerk for the past seven out of nine judges. My Juris Doctor degree, my in-depth level of experience and my wide-range of relevant abilities in this field would allow me to meet and surpass any expectations you have.

Below are some highlights of my related experience and qualifications:

  • Researched points of law and reviewed facts in evidence to provide the judge with information crucial to judicial conclusions
  • Served as a point-of-contact for attorneys and litigants regarding motion-related inquiries; provided timely answers to any questions regarding pending matters before the court
  • Trained and supervised up to three summer interns at a time on all motion-related matters
  • Participated in all pre-trial conferences and discussions involving judge and trial lawyers
  • Reviewed all petitions and motions to determine issues involved within 48 hours of receiving
  • Coordinated and managed appointment calendars and meeting schedules for four circuit judges
  • Compiled required court-related statistics within an Excel spreadsheet on a quarterly basis

My critical-thinking abilities and above-average verbal and written communication skills — coupled with my penchant for organization and timeliness — position me as a prime candidate for the Judicial Law Clerk position you are offering. I look forward to speaking with you in person about this opportunity in the near future.

Thank you for your consideration.

Felicia Millhouse

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