Inventory Manager Cover Letter Examples

Inventory Managers maintain records of shipments and invoices for a company to see which products need to be replenished. Some of the primary responsibilities that come with this position include creating and maintaining a log to track the movement of inventory in compliance with standard operating procedures, and developing and implementing a receiving log for incoming product.

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Free Inventory Manager cover letter example

Dear Mr. Sipple:

I saw your posting for an Inventory Manager at Furman Supplies, and I felt compelled to submit my resume for your consideration. With my experience in inventory control and supply management, as well as my commitment to outstanding quality assurance, I am confident in my ability to significantly benefit your company in this capacity.

From ordering materials and receiving deliveries to maintaining detailed documentation of all inventories, my background has prepared me to excel in this role. My work experience as an inventory manager for a large company gave me a solid foundation in fundamental inventory control functions, complemented by my finely honed communication and organization skills.

Highlights of my background include:

Three years of experience in quality assurance and inventory control for Rudolph Electronics, maintaining and updating physical inventory for more than 4,000 items across multiple locations.

Developing and implementing a system for delivery and retrieval of product that resulted in effectively increasing productivity and improving inventory management.

Creating a junkout log to track movement of inventory in compliance with standard operating procedures.

Managing productivity, cost per project completion, turnaround times, and responsible for hiring and training.With my proven experience in maintaining tight inventory and supply control, coupled with my enthusiasm and dedication to achieving success, I will far exceed your expectations for this role. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the position in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.


Ricky M. Starr

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Include These Inventory Manager Skills

  • Understanding of supply chain management
  • Proficiency in spreadsheet and database management software
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Detail orientated

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