Energy Analyst Cover Letter

Energy Analysts demonstrate knowledge of the principles and practices of energy management, consumption and conservation. They conduct observations, inspections and audits to collect data, evaluate energy usage and conduct cost and conservation analyses. Job duties of Energy Analysts include energy modeling, measurement and verification; monitoring and analyzing energy use; identifying energy-savings opportunities and interpreting site survey data.
Well-written cover letters often contain the following skills and qualifications as listed below:

  • Basic math and statistical analysis skills
  • Solid Excel and PowerPoint skills
  • Experience working with teams
  • Experience working with large volumes of data
  • SQL experience
  • Financial knowledge and experience

Below, find a sample cover letter that outlines the experience and abilities of an Energy Analyst.
Dear Mr. Poole:
I am submitting my resume in response to Advantage Energy’s need for an Energy Analyst. I believe I would be a worthy candidate due to my 11 years of experience in the field, which has afforded me an excellent grasp of energy market fundamentals as well as technical details.
My professional background includes various degrees of energy data gathering, modeling and forecasting as well as creating and delivering presentations to educate businesses and corporations about reducing their carbon footprints. With my experience, I am a prime candidate to help further Advantage Energy’s goals for sustainable energy use.
Below are some highlights of my relevant experience and qualifications:

  • Calculated costs of various energy combination supply methods based on total energy requirement in response to client requests
  • Created five energy-saving strategies that improved warehouse energy efficiency by 18 percent  
  • Assisted in the mentorship of new Energy Analysts during their first 60 days of employment
  • Analyzed utility bills for all city departments to identify savings opportunities attributed to alternative rates and energy usage patterns
  • Used codes, scripts and languages to perform data set analysis while mentoring new hires
  • Prepared quarterly slideshows for clients in order to present analytic data regarding sustainable energy
  • Dual Bachelor of Science degrees in finance and mathematics from MIT

My collaborative nature, excellent verbal and written communication skills, educational background and proven experience in the field make me a well-primed candidate for the position you are offering. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to further explore how I can become a valuable contributor to your organization. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kristian Tyler