Structural Engineer Cover Letter Examples

Structural Engineers design the framework that holds a building or structure together. Their primary concern is to ensure the safety and durability of these structures as well as the physical integrity of existing buildings. The job is very closely related to that of Civil Engineer. Structural Engineers split their working hours between an office and construction sites. The size of the project will determine the working hours of a Structural Engineer.

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Include These Structural Engineer Skills

  • Creativity and detail oriented
  • Team work and communication skills
  • Excellent mathematical, IT and analytical skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering

There are plenty of opportunities to land a Structural Engineer position, a cover letter that attracts the attention of potential employers is critical to getting the job. Use the sample Structural Engineer cover letter below to get started:

Dear Greg Moriarty,

I am sending my resume and attaching this cover letter in response to the advertisement placed by your company, Daylight Industries, to fill the Structural Engineer position. I am eagerly applying for this position as I am very enthusiastic to work for your organization. Due to my educational qualifications and work experience as a Structural Engineer, I can bring excellent expertise, skill and knowledge to this position. Not only do I hold a Master’s degree in engineering but I also have a solid 5 years of work-related experience. This, together with my organizational skills, makes me a strong candidate for this position.

I have worked on many projects in the role of a structural engineer. The following are some of the highlights I have experienced in my career:

Design and engineering for major projects like the ABC Bridge, Blue Business Center, etc.

Redesigning of existing structures to make them more efficient and safer for the public.

Successful completion of all projects undertaken.

Thank you for taking the time to review my credentials and experience, I am confident you will see my suitability to this position. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you want to discuss any of these aspects in more detail.


Kennet Calderon

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