Art Instructor Cover Letter

Art Instructor Cover Letter

Art Instructors teach students in a range of art subjects, including application techniques, diverse mediums, general art principles, and design elements. Work activities to expect in this role include developing creative lesson plans and projects, evaluating results and suggesting areas for improvement, and tapping into students’artistic potential to boost their confidence and enjoyment of the class.

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Include These Art Instructor Skills

  • Lesson planning and curriculum
  • Hands-on demonstrations and support
  • Drawing, painting, ceramics, mixed media
  • Show/exhibition coordination
  • Student relationship building/management
  • Materials management/ordering
  • Studio maintenance

Below you will find a sample cover letter for an Art Instructor with comparable abilities and experience.

Dear Mr. Keyser:

As an experienced, dedicated artist and teacher with extensive skills and knowledge in a range of art genres and techniques, I am eager to submit my resume for your review with regards to the Art Instructor position you have available. With my honed artistic talents and my background effectively mentoring and teaching students of various ages and abilities, I am well positioned to make a positive and immediate impact on your classes at the Fairleigh Art Center.

My experience includes instructing students from teenagers through adults in general technique application and artistic principles. From developing creative lessons and teaching abstract concepts in understandable ways to planning exhibitions and exploring untapped artistic talent in my students, I excel at providing an enjoyable, learning-intensive, and engaging classroom environment leading to increased senses of personal accomplishment. Furthermore, I have a track record of building excellent relationships with my students, acting as a teacher, mentor, and role model and earning continual recognition for my dedication and approachability.

Highlights of my experience include…

More than 11 years of teaching experience as an Art Instructor with the Zanzibar Community Art Center in Queens; instructing students as young as 16 and as old as 86 in a breadth of mediums, application techniques, artistic principles, and design elements.

Selecting curricula, developing lesson plans, collaborating with students on projects, and evaluating student performances.

Coordinating an annual student work exhibition at Zanzibar, displaying more than 60 pieces to thousands of viewers over a two-week show period.

Motivating and inspiring students to uncover their own inner creative potential.

Achieving my MFA in Visual Arts from the New York Institute of Art in 2001; participating in numerous exhibitions and community shows throughout my education and since, displaying personal paintings, ceramics, and mixed-media installations.

With my proven ability to instruct students in a variety of art techniques and genres, combined with my personal experience as a professional artist, I am more than prepared to deliver excellent art instruction at Fairleigh Art Center. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you further.

Thank you for your consideration.


Paula J. Matsumoto