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what is a sap consultant

What is a sap consultant

SAP Consultant is an expert in this software which provides a multitude of different software solutions designed for business needs. Discover more details here.
what is a purchasing specialist

What is a purchasing specialist

Purchasing Specialist is responsible for ensuring that a business is able to acquire needed supplies, materials and other relevant items. Find out more here.
what is a proposal manager

What is a proposal manager

A Proposal Manager implements the proposal and contract processes, assigns tasks to be done and makes sure the proposal is relevant and accurate. Find out more in our resource page.
what is a mechanical supervisor

What is a mechanical supervisor

Mechanical SUpervisors oversee repair and installation work conducted by mechanics in various industries. Learn more about theirs skills and salaries.
what is an it auditor

What is an it auditor

An IT Auditor analyzes the organization's Information Technology (IT) system, hardware and software programs. To find out their skills and wages, click here.
what is an incident manager

What is an incident manager

Incident Managers are responsible for the upkeep and smooth operations of IT systems. To find out more about their specific duties and wages, click the link.
what is a guest relation officer

What is a guest relation officer

A Guest Relation Officer is a customer service-oriented employee who essentially greets hotel guests. Get a clear picture of what this profession entails.
what is a front desk supervisor

What is a front desk supervisor

The Front Desk Supervisor is in charge of managing the front desk and its employees. Learn more about their skills and salaries and find relevant resources.
what is a front office supervisor

What is a front office supervisor

Front Office Supervisors greet clients, directed vendors and help employees. For a detailed view on all of their responsibilities, skills and salary, click here.
what is a facilities coordinator

What is a facilities coordinator

A Facilities Coordinator provides full maintenance services of a given facility as well as promoting safety conditions. Find out how much they earn and what skills they need.
what is a documentation specialist

What is a documentation specialist

A Documentation Specialist is responsible for maintenance of company documents. Learn more about theirs skills and salaries and find great resources.
what is a desktop support engineer

What is a desktop support engineer

Desktop Support Engineers ix issues with an organization's desktop computers and laptops among other technical tasks. Get a clear idea of their responsibilities and skills.
what is a data modeler

What is a data modeler

Data Modelers design computer databases that translate complex business data into usable computer systems. Get great insight on this profession right here.
what is a commercial analyst

What is a commercial analyst

A Commercial Analyst conducts examinations of a company's revenue, operations and expenses and find ways to improve it financially. Find out more here.
Teacher writing on the board

Academic Career Resource Guide

Are you ready to start your academic career? Take a look at our comprehensive resource guide before you write your CV. We've got job search tips, too!
Teamwork hands together

Resource Guide for HR Professionals

Working in the HR department is a lot of responsibility to take on. That's why JobHero put together a resource guide for HR professionals!

Labor History Resource Guide

Curious how the organized labor force in America got its start? JobHero provides you with a complete labor history guide and all the facts you need.
Open sign on business door

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Resource Guide

Interested in the freedom that entrepreneurship provides? If you want the latest information on running your own small business, start with our guide.
what is a treasury manager

What is a treasury manager

Treasury Managers oversee the cash flow, revenue and overall finances of an organization. Find out how much they earn and what skills they need.
what is a treasury analyst

What is a treasury analyst

A Treasury Analyst manages and analyzes their employer's financial activity. To know more about their tasks and wages, click here.
what is a travel coordinator

What is a travel coordinator

Travel coordinators make travel arrangements for individuals, groups and organizations. Discover more details about this job here.
what is a test analyst

What is a test analyst

A Test Analyst is the person responsible for testing computer hardware or software before it is packaged and sold on the open market. Find more info in the link.
what is a technical recruiter

What is a technical recruiter

Technical recruiters specialize in finding candidates to fill technical jobs, such as jobs in information technology and engineering. Learn more about theirs skills and salaries.
what is a site coordinator

What is a site coordinator

A Site Coordinator is the person who plans and coordinates events for organizations, businesses and schools. To find out more about their specific duties and wages, click the link.
what is an etl developer

What is an etl developer

An ETL Developer designs data storage systems for companies, and works to fill that system with the data that needs to be stored. Click on the link to learn more.
what is an instructional coach

What is an instructional coach

Instructional Coaches help classroom teachers become more effective by coaching them on teaching strategies and approaches. Find more info in the link.
what is a facilities engineer

What is a facilities engineer

Facilities Engineers design, review and implement new processes or improvements in the operations or construction of a manufacturing or related facility. Learn more here