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How to Answer ‘Why Should
We Hire You?’

Eric Ciechanowski
By Eric Ciechanowski
Last Updated: September 01, 2020

All of the questions you’re asked during a job interview amount to one overarching question: Why should we hire you? And, of course, all of your answers should be framed to answer that central question.

Often, though, it’s not so subtle and an employer will just come right out and ask “So, why should I hire you?” To answer, you’ll have to go a bit deeper than, “Because I’m qualified for this job,” and a whole lot deeper than, “Because I’m currently unemployed and need this job.”

Let’s explore the best “why should we hire you” answers.

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Connect Your Background to the Job

Answering Why should we hire you? requires more than just rattling off your skills and experience. You need to describe your abilities in the context of the job you’re going for. Bridge the gap between your resume and the job description by explaining specifically how your background will enable you to meet the goals and requirements of the position.

“Discuss your knowledge, skills and accomplishments…and how you will apply them to the position and help the company achieve its goals,” says Robert Moment, an author and founder of a consulting firm called The Moment Group.

Many recruiters and hiring managers also stress the importance of showing your individuality when answering this question. Show your uniqueness. You can prove that you’ll be a valuable asset to the company just by being you – in other words, what you, and you alone, can bring to the company. While others might have similar skills and accomplishments, your own personality and approach in combination with your particular skills and virtues are what will make you stand out from other candidates.

Since most of the other candidates going for this position are also qualified (or they likely wouldn’t be called for an interview in the first place), stand out by providing details about how you would handle specific situations. This is where it’s crucial to use real-life examples.

“If you can end with a solid example of how you delivered results in another company, then you close with a strong impression,” adds Zaki Usman, CEO of InterQ Mobile App.

Show that You’re a Culture Fit

Another suggestion from recruiters and hiring managers is to acquire a deep understanding of the company you’re interviewing for before going on the interview. Learn all you can about the company’s culture, what they do, the company mission and its leaders.

This knowledge will allow you to craft an answer to why should we hire you? that shows your “personality, working style and personal values are aligned with the firm’s culture and corporate values,” says Keith Johnstone, marketing manager for Peak Sales Recruiting, as well as “how your vision for achieving the role’s objectives is one that has been well planned, is tied to the corporate strategy, and will achieve maximum ROI in the shortest timeframe possible.”

Developing a Why should we hire you? answer before the interview, and practicing it until it seems natural and not rehearsed, it’s important to show that you’re excited about the job and the company.

“Great candidates will show passion – they will make me get out of my chair with their enthusiasm,” says Alan Wisniewski, sales manager for Systematix Limited.

At some point in your job interview, you’ll likely be asked Why should we hire you? – or some variation thereof. The main thrust behind this questions is: What can you do for us?

It’s a question that allows you to show a potential employer what you have done on a professional level, and what you’re capable of doing for them. This question is really the one that gives you the opportunity to discuss you and what you bring to the table in the context of that the employer is looking for.

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