Letter Templates (+6 Downloads)


With a bold emphasis on your name and contact info, this letter template is best for introduction purposes like cover letters and letters of intent.


Use this simple letter template for most business purposes — the traditional font choice and modest header help readers focus on the content.


This professional letter works well for business needs. The simple contact header works well as a cover page or a notary letter template.


This elegant letter template uses bold colors and font sizes to help your name and contact information stand out. It’s ideal for cover letters and introductory letters.


Use a formal letterhead with centered personal contact and left-justified letter sections to create a clean, professional first impression.


This universal template uses professional serif fonts and left-margin alignments to create screen or printable letter templates.
Why Use Letter Templates?

Why Use Letter Templates?

  • Our Cover Letter Builder features professional letter templates for any business purpose.
  • Printable letter templates that save and download in multiple formats like PDF, SVG and .doc.
  • Recruiter and ATS-optimized text templates with customizable fill-in-the-blank sections.
  • Step-by-step writing advice from certified professional resume writers and HR professionals.
  • Matching Resume Builder with optimized resume sections and pre-written text suggestions.

Free Letter Samples by Job Title

Visit our library of professional cover letter samples in our best cover letter templates to see how successful job seekers use these downloadable designs to showcase their accomplishments.

Use Letter Templates From a Builder

Use Letter Templates From a Builder

After years of researching and writing advice for career paths, resumes, cover letters and interviews, we launched a professional Resume Builder and Cover Letter Builder with premium templates.

Our builders feature:

  • A professional questionnaire learns about your experience level, previous responsibilities, and current skills.
  • Auto-suggests personalized resume and letter text templates based on your answers.
  • Dozens of cover letter templates with multiple file format options.

More Professional Letter Templates

Although our online tool was designed with resume and cover letter templates in mind, resourceful job seekers use these expertly designed templates for multiple business needs. Visit the following professional business letter articles to see more templates and examples.

Cover letter templates

Strengthen your applications with cover letter templates. A well-written cover letter quantifies crucial skills or achievements, tying them directly to the advertised needs of a job.

Letter of resignation templates

Learn how to write a resignation notice that retains your professional relationship with your colleagues. Find examples and writing advice.

Letter of interest templates

With these sample letters, learn how to express your admiration for a company or career tract and professionally request a shadowing opportunity.

Letter of recommendation templates

Help your recommendation make a bigger impact on hiring managers. Learn how to highlight your colleague's skills and qualifications.

Resume and cover letter templates

As mentioned, our professional builders feature matching resume and cover letter templates. Boost your application with professional writing suggestions and more.

6 Free Letter Templates

These downloadable and printable letter templates work well for digital and physical letter needs. Visit our professional Cover Letter Builder to find our entire library of templates.

Letter Template FAQ

Where can I type up a letter for free?

Try using the following tools to type up a free business letter.

  1. Grammarly: An online writing assistant that catches common typos, rates your writing voice and makes editing suggestions based on the attitude you want to convey. Use them to help adopt a confident, informative or authoritative tone in your writing.
  2. Google Doc: This free online word processor includes a built-in spell check and optimized page margins to help you write a simple business letter.
  3. JobHero: Our Cover Letter Builder includes a subscription-free test mode where you can fill out the questionnaire, customize the personalized text templates, and reformat the templates before signing up! You also get one free text file download.

How do I create a formal letter template?

Using a word processing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, create a new document and use this cover letter format:

  1. Name and contact information
  2. Date
  3. Recipient’s name and mailing address
  4. Formal salutation
  5. Introduction
  6. Body
  7. Conclusion
  8. Formal signoff
  9. Typed signature

How do I create a professional letter?

Use a combination of writing advice, like our cover letter writing guide, and downloadable letter templates to successfully write a professional letter.