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Ultimate Guide to Working and
Volunteering Abroad

Eric Ciechanowski
By Eric Ciechanowski
Last Updated: September 03, 2020
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Working and volunteering abroad are pathways that can lead to an unforgettable adventure, allow you to contribute to the betterment of a less-fortunate society and broaden your horizons. However, foresight and knowledge are the keys to success, and that’s why we created this Ultimate Guide to Working and Volunteering Abroad. Find 41 carefully selected resources that will help you learn about foreign countries of interest, locate a quality volunteer or job opportunity, discover expatriates who have made the leap abroad and much more to help you on your journey.

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General Working and Volunteering Abroad Resources

In this opening section, find links to resources that address researching countries, learning about requirements for safe travel, crafting an international resume and more.

International Travel and Visa Requirements — Quickly find out what type of pre and post-travel requirements you are subject to by visiting this site.

Culturally Competent Resumes for the Global Job Market — Find out how to create a resume that has a culturally sensitive tone and presentation, which can increase your chances of landing a job abroad.

Country Information — Find specific and helpful information about any country in the world, such as the location of U.S. embassy and consular offices, visa requirements, crime and health information and much more.

The World Fact Book — Housed on the Central Intelligence Agency website, this fact book allows users to learn about the geography, people and society, government, economy, energy, military and more for any country.

Work Abroad Scams and How to Avoid Them — out about the most common work-abroad scams and tips on how to successfully avoid becoming a victim.

American Citizens Abroad — This non-profit organization educates and informs U.S. citizens living and working abroad on issues that affect those citizens.

How to Practice Proper Business Etiquette around the World — Learn cultural guidelines for 10 countries around the world: Italy, South Africa, Panama, France, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, China, Japan and India.

Volunteering Overseas: The Pros and Cons — Check out this article to weigh the pros and cons of taking a volunteering opportunity abroad.

Find Volunteer Abroad Opportunities

No matter what you’re looking for in a volunteer opportunity abroad – short or long-term commitment, a chance to work in education or on a farm – the following links will provide.

Volunteers for Peace — This organization offers over 3,000 volunteer opportunities in over 90 countries. Projects lasting as little as two weeks to those lasting a full year are available.

Idealist — Idealist connects people with a desire to help others with opportunities all over the world.

Go Overseas — Find reliable information about working and volunteering overseas from people who have “been there, done that.”

International Volunteer Programs Association — IVPA promotes public awareness and access to high-quality overseas volunteer programs that are thoroughly vetted and approved by the organization beforehand.

World Computer Exchange — The WCE runs an eCorps program that offers trips for volunteers. In addition, they offer opportunities to have individuals travel to one of the different countries that have received computers from WCE.

Peace Corps — Volunteers for the Peace Corps travel to different countries to make a difference in communities that are experiencing challenging issues such as lack of education, nutrition and the prevalence of diseases such as AIDS and malaria.

Voluntary Service Overseas — VSO volunteers help advance healthcare, education and provide many other opportunities for those living in poverty in other countries.

WWOOF — Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms provides the opportunity to live and learn on organic farms. Food and accommodations are provided in exchange for volunteer help.

Find Job Opportunities Abroad

While not an exhaustive list of job opportunities abroad, the following links are an excellent place to start your search.

Federal Overseas Jobs — Check out various federal overseas job opportunities on this site, and find out how to apply for them.

International Jobs — Search this international job database by keyword and country to find opportunities that match your skills and interests. — Use this site to find job listings for expatriates in countries all over the world. Job listings are updated daily. In addition, the site has chat forums where users can connect with expats and learn about their experiences.

Teaching Jobs Abroad — Find information to apply for teaching jobs in South Korea, Thailand, China and more.

Prospects — Find a plethora of job opportunities in over 25 different countries. Simply select the country you’re interested in and find links to available job opportunities.

Au Pair World — With over 20 host countries, this site is a good resource for au pairs who want to work abroad. The agency brings host families and au pairs together, safely and simply.

Escape the City — Want a job abroad that’s on the quirky side? This link can help you find it.

Dave’s ESL Cafe — Follow this link to discover an awesome place to find international teaching jobs.

Overseas Job Search Tips

Searching for and securing a job abroad may have some things in common with the stateside process, but there’s still much to learn for the novice.

10 Essential Tips for Landing a Job Overseas — Thinking of working overseas? This article is a must-read for helpful tips on how to secure the job you want.

The Networking Manifesto for International Employment: Part 1 — Anyone who is seeking their first international job will benefit from this guide. Examples come from nonprofit, educational and journalism sectors but can be applied to business and government sectors as well.

Nursing Jobs Abroad — Find out everything you ever wanted to know about working as a nurse in another country.

How to Get Jobs with the United Nations: The Unauthorized Guide — Anyone who is interested in securing a job with the United Nations can’t afford to miss this guide.

How to Find Your Dream Overseas Job on LinkedIn — The author, Sabine Panneau details how anyone can use their LinkedIn account to find their dream overseas job.

Living and Working Overseas — Find practical and inspirational advice from Jean-Marc Hachey, international career expert, regarding short and long-term overseas jobs.

Seven Jobs That Let You Live and Work Abroad — From Fast Company magazine comes this insightful article that will have you thinking about how you can leverage your skills to transition to a digital job that will let you work anywhere in the world.

Work Abroad Blogs

From saving money abroad to learning about other people’s overseas trials and triumphs, you’re sure to find something worth reading about here.

Verge Magazine Work Abroad Blogs — Browse this collection of helpful blogs based on the topic of working abroad.

The Expat Guide — Written by a former Peace Corps Volunteer, this blog is for people contemplating the leap of pursuing a career in a foreign country.

A Little Adrift — A world traveler since 2008, Shannon O’Donnell writes this blog about her experiences. Find plenty of information about working abroad here.

Nomadic Matt — Find plenty of top-notch advice about saving money when going abroad from the New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.

Working and Volunteering Abroad Podcasts

Check out the following podcast offerings to gain the perspective and insight of others who have successfully worked or volunteered abroad.

The Budget Minded Traveler — Concerned that working or volunteering overseas might be expensive? Check out advice from Jackie Norse who makes it her business to inspire and equip you to travel in an affordable manner.

Zero to Travel — Get actionable advice from experienced travelers that you can apply to your own situation.

Thriving Abroad — Learn how to achieve a smooth transition with your significant other or family during an international relocation.

Every-Day Explorer Podcast — Discover a way to work and earn money while exploring and discovering the world.

Amateur Traveler — This podcast has an entire section dedicated to volunteering where listeners can learn about worthy projects.

The Remote Lifestyle — Learn how to become a digital nomad (someone who is location independent via working online) by listening to interviews with people already living the dream.