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Top-21 Work From Home Jobs

Let’s take a close look at 21 promising job opportunities that you can do from home. We have also included valuable links to resources, resume examples, and salary information based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers have a unique creative mix of visual and analytical communications. If you are into digital design, this is a perfect field. Many companies seek candidates with these specific skill sets to develop layouts and production designs for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports. Graphic designers made their homes their offices long before the pandemic. This is a classic work-from-home career.
Average annual salary

2. Travel Agent

Travel agents plan and book corporate or leisure travel. They have access to discounts and insider information on vacation packages, tours, and business travel contracts. Because these bookings can be made online, travel agents have the freedom to work from anywhere.
Average annual salary

3. Tutor

With homeschooling becoming more popular, tutors are in great demand. As students continue to spend their semester learning from home, tutors now can provide their services online.
Average annual salary

4. Freelance Writer

Now more than ever, people recognize the benefits of being a freelance writer. Almost all industries require writers, which means that there are an unlimited number of job opportunities in this field. All you need is a computer, so it lends itself to remote opportunities.
Average annual salary

5. Accountant

Being an accountant has many benefits: Every business needs one, you can set your hours and establish your client base. The pay range is very competitive and continues to grow. Accounting is a forever in-demand skill that can be done from a computer from anywhere.
Average annual salary

6. Freelance Translator

The sky's the limit when you work as a freelance translator. You have the flexibility of managing your own business. You can even provide your services worldwide by phone or virtually. Many companies like to hire remote workers to get genuine native speakers of a language.
Average annual salary:

7. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing comes with the flexibility of working around your schedule as long as you meet the deadline. This career includes engaging with audiences and developing blog posts, articles, ebooks, newsletters, and social media campaigns. If you are into creative writing and marketing, then this is the perfect career for you. Since it’s all online, you can make your office any place you like.
Average annual salary:

8. Operations Manager

Operations managers are in charge of managing the company’s operations and resources effectively. They are responsible for formulating policies and managing daily operations. Operations managers rely on problem-solving and analytical skills. In our modern era, not all operations managers are onsite and may enjoy the freedom to work from home.
Average annual salary:

9. Sales Consultant

A sales consultant's work can easily be done from home. The pandemic forced many companies to shift sales online. As a result, e-commerce has created a booming opportunity for sales consultants to work from home. An online sales consultant is now more critical than ever because it brings an ideal level of expertise and digital solutions for the company and customers.
Average annual salary:

10. Registered Nurse

There are also opportunities for registered nurses to work from home. Medical facilities across the country are relying on telemedicine to safely screen and treat patients. This remote service allows patients and doctors to communicate virtually. Another home-based medical support job is in the educational sector. Registered nurses can work from home, providing online training and courses to help identify patient-care problems and evaluations. Registered nurses are always on demand with plenty of opportunities for advancement.
Average annual salary:

11. Technical Support Engineer

An increasing number of companies are looking to hire technical support engineers for home-based positions. These jobs come with flexible hours, competitive salaries, and full-time hours. Since the primary goal is to assist customers with installing and configuring software and troubleshooting technical issues, they can guide clients remotely. Technical support engineers help improve a company’s information technology infrastructure. They are the lifeline and often the first contact customers as they help troubleshoot software problems.
Average annual salary:

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12. Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for the planning and execution of a particular project. They monitor the progress of the project from start to completion. It’s a complex job because it involves initiating, planning, execution, and closing a project.

Work from home project managers oversee their staff to ensure the plan stays on time and within budget. Remote job duties include contracting with vendors and preparing financial budgets. Work from home project manager opportunities range from engineering, construction, software development, and web design.
Average annual salary:

13. Application Developer

Also known as a software developer or software architect, an application developer is responsible for the source code for software applications. They test the source code and debugging code and evaluate existing applications and performance.

With the shift of companies going virtual, software developers became even more important. As we all came to rely on digital platforms, many developers quickly adapted to working from home.
Average annual salary:

14. Medical Writer

Medical writers work-from-home jobs have broadened. This profession comes with writing opportunities in the healthcare industry. As a remote medical writer, your responsibilities may include writing scientific-researched content and creating educational and promotional health-related literature.

This type of work is an excellent fit for professionals in the medical field that are looking to work from home. Writing opportunities can include articles for health care websites, magazines, and newspapers.
Average annual salary:

15. Software Engineer/Develope

Software engineers plan, write and test software programs and applications. They can work remotely and develop the applications using coding language and designs. This profession requires strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
Average annual salary:

16. Data Entry

This field is a great work-from-home job and still makes a good income. Part of the duties include entering new and updated information and preparing source data for computer entry by compiling and sorting data.
Average annual salary:

17. SEO

SEO tasks can be easily done remotely. With the increase of online traffic, these jobs are in high demand because many companies rely on their insight for digital marketing. A search engine optimization specialist analyzes and optimizes websites. They strategically develop content to include keywords or phrases that will cause brand awareness and increase traffic to the website.
Average annual salary:

18. Social Media Marketer

Social media marketers may be one of the leading positions to successfully transition to working from home since it can be done from anywhere. This is a fun and creative career where you get paid to spend time on your favorite social media platforms! Social media marketing uses several digital platforms to connect and engage with a broad audience. They develop a digital marketing plan and campaign to increase sales and website traffic.
Average annual salary:

19. Bookkeeper

Work-from-home bookkeepers provide remote financial services for your clients. They maintain financial records, including payments, purchases, sales, and receipts. Bookkeepers maintain the current data and verify that transactions are recorded in the correct daybook for suppliers and customer ledgers. This is an ideal home-based job because it can be done with accounting software.
Average annual salary:

20. Event Planner

Event planning is an exciting career. Event planners coordinate all aspects of an event for their clients. Although travel is expected, it is an ideal work-from-home job. In this work-from-home career, you work on the telephone and internet to coordinate with vendors and find suitable venues.
Average annual salary:

21. Auditing Clerk

A work-from-home auditor is responsible for reviewing and auditing financial statements and spendings to ensure that they comply with local and federal regulations.

Your responsibilities will depend on the industry, but you will be reviewing statements to track that accounts are being processed correctly. There are three main audits: external audits, internal audits, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits.
Average annual salary: