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Part-Time and Seasonal Job Resource Guide

Eric Ciechanowski
By Eric Ciechanowski
Last Updated: September 01, 2020

Following the government shutdown, layoffs and furloughs have disrupted the lives of countless federal workers. If you’re among this group, you could be out of work entirely, or you might be temporarily working without pay.

In either case, you may be interested in seeking out part-time or temporary work to cover short-term costs. This type of supplemental income might come especially in handy to government contractors who were already living with minimal or few benefits, and now have none with which to support themselves or loved ones.

Below you’ll find a detailed list of links to help you find part-time or season work, which may be essential to carrying you through a difficult post-shutdown stretch. From resume tips to helpful statistics to job boards, you’re sure to find help:

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General Resources for Finding Seasonal or Part-Time Work

The links below may come in handy if you have questions regarding part-time or seasonal job opportunities and related benefits or taxes.

10 Companies That Offer Part-Time Workers Amazing Benefits – Take a look at this list if you can’t live without benefits, even if you’re only taking on part-time work.

Is it Good or Bad to Work Part-time? – Here’s a thorough examination by the CED (The Committee for Economic Development of The Conference Board) of the positive and negative aspects of taking on part-time work in the current United States economy.

National Retail Federation Forecast – Here you’ll find up-to-date stats concerning the National Retail Federation’s predictions related to seasonal employment and holiday sales.

Tips for a Part-Time and Seasonal Worker's Resume

You’ll hardly be able to perform a successful job search without a solid resume. These links contain expert tips concerning how to write resumes that will get you in the door for interviews.

5 Resume Tips for Part-Time Job Seekers – Looking for a part-time job? Here are 5 tips that will help you create the perfect resume to get the part-time job you want.

How to Include Part-Time and Temporary Work on a Resume – If you’re wondering weather or not you should include those par-time job experiences into your resume, you should read this helpfull article. Learn what part-time jobs you should and shouldn’t include in your resume.

Should You Include a Short-Term Job on Your Resume? – Check out author Alison Green’s advice regarding whether or not one should include shorter-term work experience on their resume.

Additional Tips for the Part-Time Job Search

Competing for seasonal or part-time work can be tough, depending on where you live. These links may help you find and apply for jobs, then nail the interview.

Helpful Hints for Landing that Seasonal Job – Let Michigan University State Extension show you which traits a hopeful seasonal employee should present to potential employers.

Should You Take a Seasonal Job? – Should you take that seasonal job or wait for something more permanent? This article shows you the pros and cons of taking a seasonal job.

5 Tips for Seasonal and Temporary Employment – Here’s another list that’ll help you polish your resume, provide resume tips, and show you where to find temporary work.