Social Anxiety: Don’t Let It Get in the Way of Your Future

Eric Ciechanowski
By Eric Ciechanowski | Career Expert
To make your job search easier, our team of experts put together a list of valuable resources, job descriptions, salaries and resume examples to help you take your career to a better place.
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Top 20 Jobs if You Have Social Anxiety

If you are reading this, you probably wonder if there are jobs for people with social anxiety. The answer is yes! There are high-paying jobs that are low-stress because intensive social interaction is not central to the work.

Keep in mind, any individual with anxiety disorders is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means that you are not required to disclose your psychiatric disability unless you wish to request accommodations in the workplace.

When searching for jobs, look for one based on your needs. Consider the things you are comfortable with and what makes you the most nervous about landing a new job and search based on your criteria.

For example, if a crowd of people makes you anxious, you may be better suited for a work-from-home job or one that offers remote work part-time.

Here’s a breakdown of the top 20 best jobs with their median salaries and resume examples for people with social anxiety:

1. Accountant

Accountants are always in demand because they help businesses make financial decisions. Since the pandemic, a lot of that work has been done remotely, allowing you to take control of your work and process. Accountants conduct audits and resolve discrepancies. They are very factual and help management in the decision-making process by preparing budgets and economic forecasts. Thus, you will be responsible for tracking, correcting and reporting their financial data.

Annual salary: $73,560

Accountant resume examples

2. Animal caretaker

Perhaps you feel uncomfortable around people but love animals. Working as an animal caretaker, you’ll get to care for animals kept in captivity. You will be responsible for feeding them and keeping them clean and safe. Duties often include walks and feeding, but you may also keep detailed records of animal breeding habits, behaviors and health concerns.

Annual salary: $28,380

Animal caretaker resume examples

3. Captain

This is a great career for people with social anxiety because it doesn’t involve a lot of socializing once you’ve left the docks. Captains are responsible for transporting passengers or cargo on boats and ships following the proper safety procedures. You must obtain a captain’s license by passing a U.S. Coast Guard-approved exam which requires careful studying of navigation and its regulations.

Annual salary: $89,740

Captain resume examples

4. Computer programmer

If you are computer savvy and like to work alone, this is an excellent fit for you. This job doesn’t involve working with others so you can work in your own space, developing and maintaining the organization's systems software and computing infrastructure. Computer programmers are responsible for managing the systems, providing tech support, and reviewing and updating existing programs. For this role, the top qualifications are strong coding and problem-solving skills.

Annual salary: $89,190

Computer Programmer resume examples

5. Content manager

If you're the kind of person who likes to work independently, you may do well as a content manager. Content manager duties include producing and publishing content. The role’s goal is to find creative ways of building an online presence and requires a quiet space to write, edit and proofread content, create strategies, and conduct analyses.. Part of the requirements is a bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, English or a related field.

Annual salary: $149,490

Content manager resume examples

6. Digital marketing specialist

Digital marketing is a great option for people with social anxiety because it involves strategy and planning more than social interaction. You get to thrive in an environment of planning and creating marketing campaigns that promote a company’s brand, products and services. This is a highly creative role that also involves a lot of reading and analyzing metrics to identify trends.

Hourly wage: $73,970

Digital marketing resume examples

7. Fitness trainer

This job may be a good choice for those with mild to moderate social anxiety because you can choose to only work with individual, long-term clients. In this manner, you can avoid the anxiety of addressing a group or constantly talking to strangers. The main responsibilities of this role include consulting with clients to develop individual training plans for them, and guiding them through their workout plan and meals. Top candidates will also have an empathetic attitude and understand each client's individual goals, so expect to become well-acquainted with your clients.

Annual salary: $40,510

Fitness trainer resume examples

8. Graphic designer

Graphic design also requires minimal interactions with people. Companies are always looking for graphic designers to create company logos and websites. You can work from anywhere and will be designing digital media. You get to turn creative ideas into digital art! You may also be asked for visual artwork for publications and even computer games.

Annual salary: $53,380

Graphic designer resume examples

9. Information technology

This high-tech industry’s roles monitor and manage computing systems and networks, and may diagnose and fix technical problems. You will thrive in this environment because many roles require great concentration and silence as you monitor daily operations, including server hardware, software and operating systems.

Annual salary: $103,590

Information technology resume examples

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10. Librarian

Firefighters are heroes who put themselves at risk every day to save lives and property. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma or GED. Many firefighters become emergency medical technicians or earn a degree in fire science to advance their careers. Having both a fire and EMS background improves your chances of getting hired.

Annual salary: $60,820

Librarian resume examples

11. Mechanic

This job requires more sweat, hard work and attention — less talk. As a mechanic, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing vehicles, and assembling machinery. You have to be attentive to detail, examine machines, and oversee diagnostic tests to determine functionality problems. You can also start working after earning a certification at a vocational or trade school.

Annual salary: $44,050

Mechanic resume examples

12. Medical transcriptionist

Being a medical transcriptionist is ideal for social introverts because it allows you to work alone. In this role, you’ll transcribe voice recordings of medical consultations and procedures, edit speech recognition transcripts, and format transcription reports. You will need to be proficient in transcribing with specialized equipment and be detail-oriented.

Annual salary: $35,270

Medical transcriptionist resume examples

13. Musician

Music is therapeutic. Working as a musician, you will be able to work creatively writing lyrics, melodies, rehearsing or performing. While it’ll often just be you and your instrument, being successful in this role may require socializing to maintain a strong social media presence by posting content and interacting with fans online. Alternatively, you may be working with other musicians to compose or practice songs. If these social situations trigger your anxiety, it may be best to be a solo performer and delegate the social media side of it to a marketing professional to limit the interactions with strangers you may have.

Hourly salary: $31.40

Musician resume examples

14. Paralegal

If you are passionate about the law but do not like public speaking, you can stay behind the scenes as a paralegal. You will be there to assist lawyers by conducting research, drafting legal documents, and filing for pleadings with court clerks. Part of the duties also include preparing for trials by organizing exhibits and assisting with other tasks as required.

Annual salary: $52,920

Paralegal resume examples

15. Security guard

This line of work offers options with little to no interaction with the public. While some are responsible for recording the names of visitors and are on call in case of an emergency, other security guards patrol and protect buildings and property. Some may even work at night when facilities are closed to the public.

Annual salary: $31,080

Security guard resume examples

16. Statistician

Highly introverted people could find that working as a statistician is an excellent opportunity to work mainly independently. Statisticians rely on math and data to accurately predict industry trends and revenue, and need a quiet place to review statistical analyses. . The role also involves a great deal of strategic planning and preparing forecasts. For this career you must obtain a master's degree in statistics, data science, mathematics, or equivalent, and it can be combined with a postsecondary qualification in business management.

Annual salary: $93,290

Statistician resume examples

17. Translator

Many bilingual or multilingual translators work alone and away from people to translate texts and audio recordings. They need to be away from loud noise or crowded rooms to translate contextually accurate information. As long as you are fluent in at least two languages, you may translate documents for people in need of your linguistic expertise.

Annual salary: $52,330

Translator resume examples

18. Video game designer

Game developers work by themselves most of the time. They design the games’ storyline, characters and base engine, and contribute to audio and graphic design. As a game designer, you can animate game characters and test the game. Most game designer positions require candidates to have an associate degree, vocational or bachelor’s degree in software design, computer graphics and animation.

Annual salary: $77,700

Video game designer resume examples

19. Videographer

A videographer works to plan, film and edit video content, allowing you to stay behind the camera or alone while you edit. This job is in high demand and is vital for successful advertising and marketing. As a videographer, you can document news and historical moments, film nature, scenes for a film or ad, and more. To become a good videographer, you’ll have to stay current on industry trends and master your craft.

Annual salary: $61,900

Videographer resume examples

20. Writer

Writing tends to be a low-interaction job where you get to develop content for various media types, including blogs, books, magazines and even scripts. You are responsible for fact-checking your work to ensure all written content you publish with an organization meets the company’s standards and matches their brand. Alternatively, if writing fiction books, you’ll have to research your niche and story elements to write a compelling book that sells.

Annual salary: $67,120

Writer resume examples

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People with social anxiety thrive in careers that allow them to work quietly and independently.

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