The Best Jobs for 17-Year-Olds

Eric Ciechanowski
By Eric Ciechanowski | Career Expert
If you’re 17 and looking for the right job, we’ve got expert advice that will help you target the best entry-level work to get your career started! Check out our list of top jobs, resume examples and recommendations for the best job search sites for 17-year-olds!
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Top Jobs for 17-Year-Olds

1. Barista

Baristas are the people who make and serve the drinks in a coffee shop. Most cafes will provide training on their equipment like an espresso machine and their standard processes for brewing and serving coffee. So, the most necessary tool to get the job is an upbeat customer-friendly attitude.

Barista resume examples

2. Bell Person

Hotels employ bell people to assist guests with their luggage and other essential tasks. It's a role that requires heavy lifting, as well as a polite attitude with a good sense of hospitality and friendliness. It will help you get the job if you've worked in restaurants or retail and had guest customer interaction before.

Bell person resume examples

3. Busser

Bussers are a common position that people use to get their foot in the door of the restaurant industry. This role requires good communication, physical agility and a solid work ethic. It's a great way to learn restaurant operations and food service standards prior to undertaking other roles such as a server.

Busser resume examples

4. Data entry clerk

Data entry is a solid gateway to different careers in the office world and could develop into administrative roles or other computer-related work. It requires attention to detail, organization and self-motivation. If you have computer skills, it will help you gain an edge over your competition!

Data entry clerk resume examples

5. Delivery driver

Think beyond pizza –– there are many delivery options, including flowers, packages and groceries. The job requires that you possess a driver's license and are an organized and capable driver. Depending on the job, it may also require that you have access to a car.

Delivery driver resume examples

6. Dog walker

Dog walking is flexible and a great way to get exercise and spend some quality time with furry friends. The role requires organization, experience dealing with different pets and customer service skills to deal with pet owners. Not all dogs are easygoing, so it's good to discuss if you have experience with difficult animals!

Dog walker resume examples

7. Fast food cashier

This position is a halfway point between retail clerks and restaurant servers in the fast food industry. It requires that you have excellent customer service in addition to teamwork and food safety skills. If you have any retail or cash handling experience, it's good to mention it to a manager.

Fast food cashier resume examples

8. Food delivery driver

As a food delivery driver, timing is everything because you want to ensure people get what they ordered while it's still hot! A valid driver's license is required and you'll need to convey your skills in customer service as well as general reliability. Many businesses will also require that you have your vehicle to make deliveries.

Food delivery driver resume examples

9. Front desk associate

As a front desk associate, you're the face of a business, so friendliness and a positive attitude are must-haves. You may be required to answer phones, organize schedules or perform computer tasks like data entry. So, if you have computer skills, it will help to mention them!

Front desk associate resume examples

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10. Golf cart attendant

What better way to spend your summer than outside driving around in a golf cart and making tips for selling cold drinks and snacks to golfers. Being a good golf cart attendant means that you need to be self-motivated, eager to please and efficient. It helps if you have prior cash handling experience too!

Golf cart attendant resume examples

11. House cleaner

Most teens get experience in house cleaning as part of the chores their parents assign them, so you should be ready for the job! Being good at house cleaning requires a solid work ethic, attention to detail and trustworthiness since clients allow you into their homes. It's also vital that you're efficient at getting the job done on time.

House cleaner resume examples

12. Landscape Worker

This job can include everything from the basics like cutting the grass or raking leaves to more nuanced services like lawn aeration, planting or tree trimming. Physical ability and a solid work ethic are required in landscaping because it can be sweaty, hard work. Companies also require their employees to have a driver's license to operate their equipment in some cases.

Landscape worker resume examples

13. Nanny

Nannies are like babysitters responsible for the care of children on a more consistent or regular basis. Since they're responsible for children's well-being and sometimes education, it's good to highlight your focus on safety and fun activities. Depending on the role, it may even help to discuss your cooking skills.

Nanny resume examples

14. Restaurant Host/hostess

Restaurants rely on hosts and hostesses to greet their guests, seat them and control the flow of the dining experience. This job requires an upbeat attitude, good communication, customer service and organizational skills. It wouldn't hurt to mention if you're good with computers or phones, as most roles will require making, updating or canceling reservations.

Restaurant host resume examples

15. Sales associate

The specific duties of a sales associate may vary a lot depending on where they work, but, in general, they're responsible for helping customers with questions, issues and increasing sales. Friendliness, customer service and product knowledge are essential to being a good sales associate. It may be a bonus to employers if you also possess computer skills.

Sales associate resume examples

16. Sandwich Artist

Subway is one of the most widespread fast-food chains in the U.S., so this opportunity exists in many places. Since it requires food preparation, attention to detail and sanitary skills are essential. Beyond that, the job requires excellent communication as you take the customer’s order piece by piece.

Sandwich artist resume examples

17. Spa receptionist

If you're a teen interested in the world of beauty and pampering, becoming a spa receptionist is a great way to get your foot in the door. You'll need good telephone etiquette, communication and computer skills. Better yet, if you have good product knowledge of what the spa carries, this will also help you get the job.

Spa receptionist resume examples

18. Stocker

No business will do well with empty shelves –– that's why stockers are so important; they keep stores full of goods and looking appealing. Stockers need to be organized, lift heavy loads and have an eye for detail to present products attractively. That's not to mention, they may have to answer questions from shoppers, so customer service skills are a bonus!

Stocker resume examples

19. Summer Camp Counselor

Working at a summer camp is a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime for campers. Duties include organizing events, keeping campers safe and having fun, as well as maintenance and cleaning. If you have prior experience working with children or attending a camp yourself, it's good to bring it up!

Summer camp counselor resume examples

20. Usher

Ushers are responsible for checking tickets and directing customers to their seats in movie theaters, performance halls, stadiums or other venues. The job requires that you have good communication, people skills and pay careful attention.

Usher resume examples

Know the rights, rules and regulations for working as a 17-year-old

Since at 17-years-old, you’re still technically a minor, different rules apply to labor than to adults!

For example, people under 18 may not be employed in hazardous occupations, like the military or places where they serve alcohol, like bars. We’ll give you some essential information you should keep in mind before accepting a job.

Hours of work
At 17, you may work unlimited hours according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

You are entitled to the same rates and compensation provided to adults in your local jurisdiction, even as a minor. Check out the U.S. Department of Labor’s page for workers under 18 to learn more!

Best Job Search Sites

First and foremost, the best resource for entry-level jobs tends to be Craigslist.

It’s been popular for years as an online version of the classified ads that were popular before the internet –– yes, such a time existed!

Craigslist is location-specific and accessible for employers to use, so you should find a lot of solid local postings. Applying to jobs doesn’t require you to sign up for anything. In most cases, you only have to respond to an email address.

Beware, though, since Craiglist is free to post job ads, that means that sometimes you deal with spam or scams. So, if anything seems fishy or too good to be true, use caution and reconsider before you apply!

We also have a helpful page that lists the best job search sites you’ll find on the internet! Just keep in mind, some of these sites tend to be for older professionals and may not contain a ton of entry-level work.