Healthcare Career Resource Guide

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The healthcare industry offers millions of jobs, and it’s no secret that this is one sector where job growth is expected to continually expand at a speedy and consistent rate. From support jobs, such as a nursing assistant, to high-paid medical specialties, such as orthopedic surgeon, a career in healthcare can prove to be rewarding in many ways. And that’s why we assembled this guide. Among the dozens of individual resources included, you’ll find information about healthcare career paths, various study resources, blogs, podcasts, publications and more.

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General Healthcare Career Resources

No matter if you need help finding a healthcare career path or you need a resource for medical information, this section provides.

Which Healthcare Career is Right for You? – Sometimes it’s difficult to decide on one of the many available healthcare careers. Take this short quiz to help you find the one that’s right for you.

Medical Specialty Aptitude Test – From the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine comes this medical specialty aptitude test. The online test consists of 130 questions and is perfect for students trying to choose a medical specialty.

Medscape Resource Center – Find the most current medical news, expert opinions, drug and disease information and professional development for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

U.S. National Library of Medicine – Welcome to the world’s biggest biomedical library that offers electronic information resources on tons of topics.

Hardin MD – Search information and photos related to various medical problems located on this site from the University of Iowa.


Healthcare Career Study Resources

When applying for medical school or preparing for an exam, the following healthcare study resources will help you carve a path to success.

MCAT Pop Quiz – You can never be too well prepared for the MCAT. Take advantage of this free quiz that features four MCAT practice questions. Once you take the quiz, you can view detailed explanations of the answers.

NCLEX RN Exam Study Tips – From Jacksonville University comes this helpful guide that includes detailed information about key sections on the exam, what to expect from the exam, receiving your grade and helpful study tips.

Radiography 50-Question Quiz – This online quiz can help you prepare for the radiography exam. Once you complete the 50 questions, submit them for instant results.

The Dental Resource Library – Find teaching files, photographic case studies and more in this online dental resource library.

Medical Flashcards – Search over 120,000 sets of flashcards related to medical topics such as anatomy, pharmacology and nursing to find a set to help you study with your study goals. Additionally, you can create a customized set of flashcards.

Pre-Med Virtual Library – Applying to medical school is a detailed process that requires applicants to be on top of their game. Enhance the process by using the various resources available within this virtual library.


Healthcare Regulatory and Guidelines Resources

The healthcare industry is teeming with regulations and guidelines. Explore the following resources for educational or reference purposes.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HICPAC Guidelines – Discover recommendations and guidelines regarding pathogens and infection control.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality – The AHRQ’s mission is to provide evidence that will help improve the safety, quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration – Find regulations related to drugs, medical devices, radiation-emitting products, cosmetics, food, tobacco products and other categories.

Institute for Safe Medication Practices – This nonprofit organization is focused completely on preventing medication errors. Use this as a resource to help keep patients safe in the medication use process.

World Health Organization – The WHO consistently works to provide clean and healthy air, food and water to people all around the world while battling infectious and noncommunicable disease with the required medicines and vaccines.

The Joint Commission – The Joint Commission is responsible for accrediting and certifying over 20,000 U.S. healthcare programs and organizations that meet certain performance standards.

National Institute of Nursing Research – The NINR seeks to improve the health of people, families and communities via clinical research and specialized training that helps create the scientific basis for healthcare practices.

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention – This page from the Occupational Health and Safety Association provides general guidance, hazard recognition, enforcement rules and procedures in relation to bloodborne pathogens and needlestick prevention.


Healthcare Professional Organizations

Belonging to a professional organization can provide you with benefits such as education, timely industry news and networking opportunities. Browse the following professional organizations to see if one might be the right fit for you.

Emergency Nurse’s Association – The ENA advocates for the safety of patients and excellence in the delivery of emergency nursing.

American Association of Diabetes Educators – This organization is focused on improving the quality of diabetes care via innovative education and includes more than 14,000 professional members.

American Society of Radiologic Technologists – With the mission of advancing and elevating the radiology profession, this association provides opportunities for innovative education and research.

National Association of Nutritional Professionals – This association is for professionals involved in the advancement of holistic nutrition.

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians – The National Registry of EMTs serves as a body for regulating the certification process of EMS professionals and providing a registry for those who are certified.

National Surgical Assistant Association – The NSAA offers education, training and professional certification for non-physician surgical assistants.

American Academy of Physician Assistants – The AAPA, founded in 1968, represents over 108,000 certified PAs in the U.S. One of the academy’s main missions is to advance the professional growth and excellence of PAs.

Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses – The AMSN is dedicated to the practice of medical-surgical nursing and strives to promote excellence in the profession.

Healthcare Blogs

Check out this list of top healthcare blogs. From timely healthcare news to more targeted offerings, you just might find a blog worthy of your next digital bookmark.

Kaiser Healthcare News – This blog provides an in-depth look at healthcare policy, politics and how the system works.

Mobi Health News – Interested in digital health or health IT, such as apps and wearables? Find it all with this link.

iMedicalApps – With over one million health-related applications available, how can you ever find the good ones? Use this link for the professional lowdown on the most high-quality health apps out there.

Manage My Practice – Calling all medical practice managers: Find plenty of helpful resources to aid you in your profession here.

The Doctor Weighs In – While this blog began with a focus on obesity and weight loss, it has transformed into a wealth of topics that cover all areas of health care.


Healthcare Career Podcasts

Take advantage of these healthcare career podcasts that will provide you with quick, concentrated learning opportunities that you can listen to on the go.

Your Next Shift – Join host Elizabeth Scala to help you take your nursing career to the next level via information, education and universal truths.

Nursing Show – With tons of weekly episodes, this acclaimed podcast has tips, news and commentary for anyone who is in the nursing profession.

The 10 Minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast – Interested in promoting your medical organization? Find out, in 10 minutes, how to grow its online presence as well as other healthcare marketing tips.

Finding Me in Medicine Again – This podcast features both early career and veteran women physicians who talk candidly about how they found a work-life balance.


Healthcare Career Publications

From publications containing the world’s most prolific diseases to magazines targeting pre-med students, the following list of links will lead you to high-quality, valuable information.

PreMedLife – This magazine serves as the top national magazine for pre-med students. Discover insider advice, current news and interviews with personnel in the medical field.

In-Training – Founded in 2012 by medical students, this online magazine targets medical students. All content in the magazine is provided by medical students all over the world.

Critical CareCritical Care, a peer-reviewed clinical medical journal, strives to provide readers with a wide-spanning overview of the field of intensive care.

Modern Healthcare – Come here for news, research and date on the business aspect of healthcare.