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Career Resources for
Americans with Disabilities

Eric Ciechanowski
By Eric Ciechanowski
Last Updated: September 08, 2020
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If you are a person with a disability and you’re looking for a job, you’ll find plenty of trustworthy resources to help you in your search. This page also has lots of credible information about public policy, employer compliance, and issues facing disabled individuals in the workforce. Find links to advocacy groups, government agencies, and informative articles. There are also plenty of helpful tools for families, employers, and caregivers.

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Government Pages

The following section contains official government pages dealing with disability issues and policy. Keep up on recent legislation, learn more about your rights, and get solid information about employment in the United States. You can also find out about benefits and programs that you may qualify for.

Disability Employment Policy Page — The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) was formed in 2001 with the express purpose of initiating policy changes that help to integrate disabled citizens into the workforce at every level. Visit thier site to learn about these policies and how they play out in the real world.

US General Services Administration — This is a great page to visit frequently for all kinds of updates on public policy, information about compliance and accessibility, and job placement. You can also find useful links and contacts.

Guide to Disability Rights Laws — Use this page to look through laws, acts, and policies that affect people who are disabled. Find out who to contact if you have experienced discrimination or need assistance.

Job Search Sites and Pages

If you’re currently looking for a job, make sure to check out these sites. Each one offers opportunities to connect with potential employers through job boards and recruiting pages. Many also offer additional resources and tools, including aptitude tests and free training opportunities.

Ability Jobs — On this site, you can look for jobs among companies with a focus on recruiting people with disabilities in the workforce. Search by company, or enter your location and the type of job you are looking for.

Hire Disability Solutions — Search for jobs, post your resume, and learn about starting your own business on this site. There’s also lots of great information on things like assistive technology, and they offer consulting sessions for employers and vocational trainers.

GettingHired — GettingHired exists to connect people who have disabilities with great job opportunities. On the site, you can search through thousands of open positions, take a career assessment test, and even take a free job interview training course.

Disability Employment Selective Placement Program — Use this page to find a Selective Placement Program Coordinator in your area. This person works with local agencies to recruit, hire, and accommodate disabled people.

Helpful Publications

These articles and pages dive into particular issues that can affect people who live with a disability. From an articles dispelling myths and stereotypes to a straighforward post about deciding whether to mention a disability on your resume, you’ll find some helpful insights here. You can also learn more about discrimination policies, and how to take action if you are a victim of unfair treatment at work or during the hiring process.

Myths and Facts About People With Disabilities — This article addresses some of the most common misconceptions about disabled people and about the Americans With Disabilities Act. This is a great read to share with employers and others who may be operating under untrue assumptions when it comes to hiring and working with people who have a disability.

Disability Discrimination — If you or someone you know is experiencing discrimination in the workplace, use this guide to help you sort out the finer points like what constitutes discrimination and what you can do about it.

The Benefits of Disability in the Workplace — This Forbes article is written by an entrepreneur who started a local staffing service that focuses on employing people who are disabled. In it, she discusses the value businesses can realize by hiring disabled people, and dispels many of the myths associated with workplace accommodations.

Should You Disclose a Disability on Your Resume? — This article, from, discusses whether you should inform potential employers of a disability on applications and resumes. There are some great comments from experts on how to approach this issue, including some advice for alleviating concerns job recruiters may have.

Resources for Employers

These sites and pages focus on providing help for employers seeking to diversify their workforce. Find help with policy compliance, accessibility issues, and staff training. You can even sign up for consultations, workshops, and seminars for your managers and other staff.

PEAT — PEAT, or the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology, works to help companies make their technologies more accessible.

Hire Potential — This company helps government contractors with inclusion of disabled employees, as well as with compliance to laws and policies. Job-seekers can search for open positions on the site, and access other helpful resources.

National Organization on Disability — The NOD provides countless resources for businesses and corporations seeking to advance opportunities for disabled people in the workforce. Their research has led to great advancements in corporate culture and practice. This non-profit organization offers workshops, consultations, and many more helpful tools.

ADA National Network — Learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act and how to ensure that your place of work is compliant. Business leaders can look here for guidance and training to foster inclusion and to make their companies more welcoming and accommodating.

Advocacy Groups and Additional Resources

Last but not least, these sites provide more incredibly valuable tools and resources for disabled individuals as well as their families, caregivers, and employers. Get more career placement help, delve deeper into non-discrimination laws and practices, and get access to skills training and career development programs.

AAPD — The American Association for People with Disabilities works to foster economic equality for people who are disabled by supporting important initiatives and providing numerous resources for individuals and organizations.

Job Accommodation Network — The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) offers free career resources for individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities.

LEAD — LEAD stands for Leadership for the Employment and Economic Advancement of People with Disabilities. Visit their site to learn about policies and laws that affect disabled individuals in the workforce.

Viscardi Employment Placement Services — Through the Viscardi Center’s placement services, you can participate in vocational training, business skill development, and school-to-work transition programs.