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The 10 Best Job Search Engines

Eric Ciechanowski
By Eric Ciechanowski
Last Updated: January 05, 2022
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The internet is a big place and there are so many job search engines out there, it’s easy to get lost trying to figure out which ones are best. We know you have enough on your plate just writing cover letters and updating your resume, so we’ve done the research for you to help narrow down the 10 job search engines that are worth your time, plus 10 that are great for specific careers.

Remember that if you only rely on job search engines, your chances of landing a great job is limited. It’s always important to take your job search offline and rely on networking or consider getting help from a professional headhunter. But if used properly, the following online search engines can give your job search a powerful boost.

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The Best Places to Look For Jobs Online

Search Engines for Specific Industries

The 10 search engines we listed above are great for a general job search. But if you’re only interested in one industry, here are 10 more to consider that target specific employment niches.

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5 Keys to Using Online Job Search Engines

  1. 1. Be selective

    We’ve given you a list of the 10 best searches on the internet here. You could sign up and use all of them, but you will be buried in spam. So choose the two or three you find work best for you and remember, at the end of the day, you still need to network and pound the pavement the old-fashioned way.

  2. 2. Be discreet

    Create a dedicated email account for your job search. It’s a nice way to avoid having your personal email bombarded with spam. Never use your current work email for your job search.

  3. 3. Be specific

    Customize your resume for every job you want. We know, it’s so much easier to just hit that “one-click” application button. It’s also much less likely to succeed.

  4. 4. Be careful

    Make sure your LinkedIn Profile and social media footprint are optimal for the job you want. Hiring managers will check. So even if your resume and cover letter are amazing, you’re undercutting yourself if you’ve got embarassing or unprofessional information about yourself online.

  5. 5. Be brave

    Yes, the online search engines we listed above are all great in their own way. But sometimes you have to step outside the comfort of the digital world and pound the pavement to make your dreams come true. If you live close enough to a company you want to work for, just walk in! Bring a resume and cover letter and explain that you want to work there. We know, it sounds crazy and it takes nerves of steel. But for that reason very few people do it, and it will definitely make you stand out from the crowds who are sending resumes via email.