Art Educator Cover Letter

Art Educators instruct students of varying capabilities and ages in artistic techniques, principles, elements, and history. Combined with proficiency in handling common teaching duties, such as lesson planning and grading, Art Educators also need to be able to aid their students in identifying their preferred mediums and cultivating and evolving their talents. Formal training and personal/professional artistic experience are required to succeed in this role.

Successful cover letters for Art Educators often mention the following skills and areas of expertise:

  • Creative project coordination and leadership
  • Drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics
  • Student mentoring and skill-building
  • Student evaluation
  • Exhibit coordination/public showings
  • Art supplies ordering/management
  • Student/parent/staff relationships

What follows is a sample cover letter for an Art Educator with comparable abilities and qualifications.

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Dear Mr. Lewis:

Skill acquisition and training, creative development, and a comprehensive knowledge of art principles are all essential components of a successful career as an Art Educator. As an accomplished artist and teacher with eight years of teaching experience, I am well positioned to leverage my background and skills to excel in a teaching role with Jansen High School.

My background spans excellent experience in art instruction, talent cultivation, and exhibit coordination. Having experienced first-hand the power of art to shape people’s perspectives and affect their lives, I am committed to using my professional experiences, skills, and beliefs to educate artists in training and develop their artistic skills and appreciation. Furthermore, I have proven adept at building strong student relationships, acting as a teacher, mentor, and role model and earning continual recognition from students for my dedication and teaching excellence.

Highlights of my experience include…

  • Achieving my MFA in Visual Arts and teaching high school students in subjects including drawing, painting, design elements, and art history.
  • Selecting curricula, developing lesson plans, collaborating with students on projects, grading efforts, and evaluating student performances.
  • Developing challenging projects and lessons to stimulate artistic growth and creative thinking.
  • Organizing and executing student work exhibitions, both on the school’s campus and in community events and shows.
  • Participating in numerous professional development programs and trainings on topics including classroom management, adolescent development, interdisciplinary teaching, and diversity.
  • Demonstrating outstanding communication, organization, and critical thinking skills.

With my keen ability to instruct students in a variety of art techniques and principles, combined with my personal and professional experience as an artist, I am prepared to excel in providing excellent art education at Jansen High School. I look forward to discussing the position, and my qualifications, in more detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mattie G. Wheaton

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