Application Developer

As the name implies, Application Developers are essentially computer engineers who design and test new applications for various types of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. They use coding and programming languages to create programs or applications. In some cases, Application Developers might work with other professionals, such as graphic artists or software engineers, to create an application. They typically create prototypes and test new applications for any bugs or issues and work to resolve these issues before the application is released to the public. An Application Developer might work closely with specific clients to develop applications that meet the particular needs of these clients.

The list below outlines the common skills and abilities that employers typically look for in Application Developers.

  • Knowledge of various programming languages
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Written communication abilities
  • Able to work both independently and in teams
  • Focus on deadlines and time management

Use the sample below to gain insight into how these particular skills can be discussed in a professional Application Developer cover letter.

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Dear Ms. Pedersen:

I was recently made aware of your interest in filling an Application Developer vacancy in your company and would like to be considered for this position. Over the past several years, I have worked as an Application Developer for various software development and computer engineering firms and I feel I possess the technical knowledge and necessary skills to make a positive impact on your organization.

I have extensive knowledge of Java, C++, SQL and ORACLE programming languages and have also developed applications using Python and PHP. I have applied these languages to the development of word processing software, desktop publishing software, communication software and graphics for various gaming systems.

My essential duties in past positions also included creating prototypes of application software and testing new applications to identify and correct issues as necessary, allowing me to build strong problem-solving and analytical skills needed in producing quality programs.

I have outlined some of my achievements below to emphasize my qualifications for the position you are currently offering:

  • Managed application development team for Outbound Systems
  • Oversaw the development of database applications for New Roseland Works
  • Served as lead Application Developer and software tester for Cyclo Software Inc.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
  • Awarded Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Oregon State University

As a detail-oriented and deadline-driven individual with exceptional communication and creative skills, I feel that I possess abilities that will greatly benefit your company. I have consistently and will continue to produce quality programs and applications that you will be proud to present to your clients and customers.

I am eager to discuss my qualifications and your expectations in person. Please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange an interview at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your consideration.


Patrick E. Burris

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